Louise Cassidy-Williams

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Louise Cassidy-Williams
Louise Cassidy-Williams alongside Mary-Beth Williams in GTA Vice City Stories.
[[Image::File:LouiseCassidy-Williams-GTAVCS.jpg| ]]
Louise Cassidy-Williams alongside Mary-Beth Williams in GTA Vice City Stories.
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]
Full Name Louise Cassidy-Williams
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Death [[Error: Invalid time.|1984]][[DOD::1984| ]]
Nationality [[American|American]][[Nationality::American| ]]
Home Little Havana, Vice City Mainland, Vice City
Viceport, Vice City Mainland, Vice City
Family Phil Cassidy (brother)
Mary-Jo Cassidy (sister)
Marty Jay Williams (ex-husband)
Mary-Beth Williams (daughter)
Main Affiliations Marty Jay Williams
Trailer Park Mafia
Phil Cassidy
Victor Vance
Vance Crime Family
Lance Vance
Mary-Jo Cassidy
Voiced by Chelsey Rives

Louise Cassidy-Williams is a major character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


As implied from her family name, Louise is the sister of Phil and Mary-Jo Cassidy, the wife of Marty Jay Williams, the leader of a local gang (as mentioned by Phil, by way of Vic's pager), and the mother of an infant Mary-Beth Williams. Early in the game, Louise resides in the a trailer park with Marty, but grows increasingly unhappy of her rocky relationship with Marty, eventually leaving his home, taking Mary-Beth along with her, and staying in Mary-Jo's apartment in Little Havana. Marty, angered by his wife's act of hostility, attempts to kidnap her but is ultimately been killed by Victor. After Marty's death, Louise acts as a business associate and Vic's love interest during the game, although their relationship turns sour later on.

Louise is later kidnapped by Jerry Martinez; his men takes her to a lobby where Victor finds her savagely beaten. Louise is been killed by Armando Mendez after Armando's men kidnap her and took her to the Mendez Brothers' mansion. Armando shoots her several times and before she died, she tells Vic that she wished she and Vic had a relationship, to which Vic replied they did have something, and also told Vic that she wanted Mary-Jo to take care of her baby daughter. It is unknown what happens to her baby daughter, but she was most likely been sent to Louise's sister, Mary-Jo. She is not been mentioned in the in-game radio after her death, just like Martinez.


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