Luck of the Irish

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Luck of the Irish
Mallorie Bardas introducing Niko Bellic to drug dealer Elizabeta Torres and Patrick McReary.

Mallorie Bardas introducing Niko Bellic to drug dealer Elizabeta Torres and Patrick McReary.
For Elizabeta Torres
Location South Bohan, Bohan
Reward $1500
Unlocks Blow Your Cover
Unlocked by Street Sweeper

This is the first mission given by Elizabeta Torres to watch over a drug deal. This the first time you meet Packie. This mission serves as a Sniper Rifle tutorial. Elizabeta asks Niko to keep watch over a deal she isn't too comfortable with.


Head over to the building on Joliet Street. Head up the stairs and collect the Sniper Rifle from the corner you exit in. Go around the escape and step into the yellow marker. The game then gives a tutorial about how to use a sniper. Packie arrives with the "stuff." While he is doing that, aim down the sights and wait for the deal to botch, and the dealers to begin to shoot at Patrick and his Unnamed Associate .

Madly snipe all of the men and some more pour in. Zoom in with the sniper rifle and take out all of the attackers. Take your time with each shot and deal with one person at a time. Don't worry much about your health, as they won't even notice you. One of the attackers gets in a tussle with Patrick, so snipe him, and then three more attackers will arrive. Once you have taken out the three attackers, the last attacker will attempt to escape in the van. Snipe him through the windshield to complete the mission. Afterwards, Niko calls Elizabeta to let her know that Patrick is safe.

After the mission

At some point after the mission, Niko receives three phone calls: Michelle and Little Jacob call to warn Niko about trusting Elizabeta, while Roman calls to remind Niko that he can watch television in the apartment.


  • Once the mission completed tune plays, the player can easily shoot Packie without the mission failing, even destroying his car with an RPG. He will still show up later in the game.
  • It is possible to kill Packie's associate during the shootout, however, this will not result into failing the mission and wont have any effect in the storyline.
  • Patrick McReary calls Niko Bellic his "guardian angel", a reference to a mission of the same name in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City where Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance watch over a drug deal between Ricardo Diaz and the Haitians.