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An area of Ludendorff as seen in the Prologue mission in GTA V.
State: North Yankton

Ludendorff is a rural Canadian border town in the Midwestern state of North Yankton. It is based on a smaller city called Bowbells in North Dakota, USA.


Ludendorff, located in North Yankton, is a small and quiet town and former home of Michael De Santa (then known under his birth name, Michael Townley), his wife Amanda and children Jimmy and Tracey, Trevor Philips and Bradley Snider. In 2004 Michael, Trevor, Brad and an unnamed accomplice rob the towns bank but are unsuccessful in their escape, after Michael made an agreement with FIB agent Dave Norton who shot Michael and Brad, meaning to shoot Trevor. Michael later recovers but Brad dies, later being buried in the towns cemetery in a grave marked as Michaels.

By 2013 the town has three churches, three liquor stores, three Ammu-Nations, a school and a library. Little occurs in the town between 2004 and 2013, until Trevor returns to dig up Brad's body. Michael had followed to stop Trevor discovering the truth while the Triads had followed to kill Trevor, after he destroyed their suppliers drug laboratory. Both are unsuccessful, although during a gun fight the Triads kidnap Michael, believing him to be Trevor's lover.


Ludendorff is costantly covered in snow with the Ludendorff Lifeinvader page describing a "heat wave" at 51 degress farenheit.




  • The towns newspaper is called the Ludendorff Weekly.
  • The biggest beaver in the Midwest lives in the town.

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