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File:Majestic 1.jpg
Majestic parked in Grove Street.

The Majestic is a gang car used by the Ballas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Even though this car is fast, and is nice in appearance it is is not suitable for gang use, especially for drive-bys because it is only a two door car, meaning that only one homie can fit. This is particularly a bad choice as one member usually never hits the target. This car however is great as a show, and for racing. It can be upgraded in many ways, including hydraulics. The Majestic is based off the Buick Regal.


One can be found in huge parking lot under the bridges in Downtown, Los Santos.

Modifications (GTA: San Andreas)

  • Colors (two external areas)
  • Hood Vents (two varieties)
  • Exhaust (three varieties)
  • Nitro (all)
  • Spoilers (four varieties)
  • Side Skirt
  • Wheels (ten varieties)
  • Bass Boost
  • Hydraulics