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The Manana is a small car with little power or handling characteristics. In GTA III and GTA: Vice City it is a very boxy car, but in GTA: San Andreas it is a medium-sized, streamlined car; this is very likely due to different models being released by the car company that manufactures it during various years as opposed to retconning. So far its hasn't changed much in appearance except for perhaps looking boxier in GTA: Vice City, due to the much earlier timeline. In GTA III, Vice City, and Vice City Stories, it resembles a Dodge Aries/Plymouth Reliant coupe. In San Andreas, it resembles a Dodge Shadow, which succeeded the Aries in the Dodge lineup, and was sold in the early 90s, San Andreas' setting, as opposed to the Aries, which was discontinued in the late 1980s. However, in Liberty City Stories, it resembles a Mazda Miata, which much improved handling.

The Manana is featured prominantly in the mission Dead Skunk In The Trunk for Joey Leone. A special version of the car is used, with Claude charged with taking the car from Greasy Joe's Café to Harwood Autocrusher and Junkyard, whilst avoiding the Forelli Brothers. The car has the corpse of a Forelli Family gang member in the trunk. A, mission only, navy blue Manana can be in GTA: Liberty City Stories in the mission Salvatore's Salvation.


The Albany Manana has a very different look in GTA IV compared to the previous games. The GTA IV version is derived from the '72-'73 Buick LeSabre/Centurion, and is available as both a coupe and a convertible. This version of the Manana does have one thing in common with the other versions, it still has poor performance and mediocre handling. The "Manana" Logo is inspired by a Mk1 BMC MINI.



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