Martha's Mug Shot

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Martha's Mug Shot
Steve Scott telling Tommy Vercetti about the plot for the movie, starring Candy Suxxx, being shot in front of them.

Steve Scott telling Tommy Vercetti about the plot for the movie, starring Candy Suxxx, being shot in front of them.
Game GTA Vice City
For Steve Scott
Target Obtaining incriminating pictures of Alex Shrub.
Location Interglobal Films Studio
Reward $4,000
Unlocks G-Spotlight
Unlocked by Dildo Dodo

Martha's Mug Shot is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by porn film director Steve Scott from the InterGlobal Studios in Prawn Island, Vice City.


Congressman Alex Shrub wants to win the next election by supporting restrictions on the porn film industry. As this is bad for InterGlobal Films, Tommy wants to follow Candy Suxxx to Shrub. Tommy follows Candy to a penthouse in Vice Point. Candy enters the penthouse to meet with Shrub while Tommy enters the WK Chariot Hotel across the street. With Shrub in his most embarrassing and politically damaging outfit, Tommy manages to take photos of him with a camera from a good vanatage point in the hotel. Shrub's guards sees this and dispatched the FBI to take down Tommy and his camera. Tommy manages to return safely to the studio and plans to use the pictures for blackmailing.


(InterGlobal Film Studios, Tommy Vercetti, Steve Scott and Candy Suxxx).

Tommy Vercetti: OK, what's the problem now?

Steve Scott: Sshhhh! Well, after his close-encounter with the nympho invaders, our hero finds himself unable to think of anything but this huge phallic mountain - and that's when I want to do the scene with the vat of mashed potatoes, but then we, uh...

Tommy Vercetti: I don't give a crap about that! J - just keep going, keep going. You mentioned something about some legal problem on the phone?

Steve Scott: Congressman Alex Shrub has jumped on the pre-election bandwagon, he's going after the puritan vote. Rumors are he's gonna support measures to restrict, shall we say, the more fleshy aspects of this nation's great entertainment industry.

Tommy Vercetti: Great. Candy! You know Shrub. You guys get up to anything kinky?

Candy Suxxx: Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! Yes yes yes YES, Ooohh!

Steve Scott: Please - tell me you got that.

Tommy Vercetti: Was that part of the, uh... Or was she talking to...?

Steve Scott: Hey I can never tell. Anyway...You're probably best following her after the shoot, see if she'll lead you to their new love nest.

Tommy Vercetti: You got a camera?

Steve Scott: Yeah. Give him a camera!

(At Shrub's penthouse.)

Candy Suxxx: Hey!

Alex Shrub: Uh Candy, can you call me Martha?

Candy Suxxx: Oh Alex - I mean Martha. Whatever you say...

(After Tommy takes the pictures)

Candy Suxxx: Martha. Someone's watching, how kinky...

(At the WK Chariot Hotel)

Shrub's Bodyguard: You! Gimme that camera!


The reward for this mission is $4,000. The mission G-Spotlight is unlocked.


  • This is the only time in GTA Vice City where the player can use a camera without resorting to modifications.
  • This is the only time in GTA Vice City when the player can obtain a special, gold Stretch. After Candy is dropped off, the driver and Stretch will park on the road just south of Malibu Club. The player can obtain the vehicle and park it in a garage before entering the WK Chariot Hotel.
  • Strangely, even if the player clears the wanted level gained after taking the photos, the FBI agents will remain positioned outside the film studio and will still shoot at the player as if the full five star wanted level was still active.


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