Martin Madrazo

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Martin Madrazo
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Martin Madrazo


Gender Gender::Male
Nationality Mexican
Home Los Santos
Businesses Drugs trafficking
Voiced by Alfredo Huereca

Martin Madrazo is a character in Grand Theft Auto V.


Madrazo is the leader of a Mexican-American drug cartel. At one time, he was charged for running narcotics; however, the charges were dropped when key witnesses turned up missing.

In Marriage Counseling, Michael De Santa pulls down the deck of Madrazo's Vinewood Hills house, believing that Amanda's tennis coach Kyle Chavis lived there. When Chavis calls Michael, Madrazo's Russian girlfriend Natalia Zverovna declares Michael a dead man, sending a hit squad to eliminate Michael and Franklin Clinton. When Michael and Franklin survive Madrazo's hitmen, Madrazo shows up himself at Michael's house to intimidate Michael, who claims that he doesn't know who Madrazo is. Madrazo tells Michael that he will refinance the rebuild of his house at $2.5 million. The incident forces Michael to come out of retirement.