Mary-Beth Williams

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Mary-Beth Williams
[[Image::File:MaryBethWilliams-GTAVCS.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories]]
Full Name Mary-Beth Williams
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1983 or 1984]][[DOB::1983 or 1984| ]]
Place of Birth Vice City
Age Now
Nationality American
Home Viceport, Vice City
Little Havana, Vice City
Family Louise Cassidy-Williams (mother)
Marty Jay Williams (father)
Mary-Jo Cassidy (aunt)
Phil Cassidy (uncle)
Voiced by Unknown

Mary-Beth Williams is the newborn baby of Louise Cassidy-Williams and Marty Jay Williams who makes a few brief appearances in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. It is thought that after both her parents die her aunt Mary-Jo takes care of her, as this is the wish of Louise as she dies.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City Stories