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Parked Maverick

The Maverick is the most common helicopter on both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and San Andreas. It has been on GTA since Grand Theft Auto III, although it was not drivable in that game and was only used by police and on one mission by enemies. It was not accessible by any means in that game as it was considered a static object with constantly rotating blades and is to obtain it. The windows were also non-transparent for this reason.

In Vice City, it is a fully accessible vehicle, available in quite a few places. It can fit 4 people including the pilot. It has a moderate maximum speed, can survive some damage, and it is the only helicopter on Vice City that is available in a variety of colours.

There is also another smaller 2 passenger version dubbed VCN Maverick that is used by the Vice City News Network.

In San Andreas, the Maverick is essentially the same helicopter, but with new handling, and a new sound. One can be found parked at Easter Bay International Airport in San Fierro, on the helipad of San Fierro Police Headquarters, on the helipad in Bayside Marina, on top of San Fierro Medical Center, and on the helipad of the Emerald Isle in Las Venturas. As in Vice City, there is also a news helicopter version of the Maverick, the News Chopper, that can be seen flying along with the Police Maverick once the player reaches a 4-star wanted level.

File:Maverick GTAIV.JPG
Maverick taking flight in GTA IV

In GTA IV the Maverick has been changed slightly, the new changes include: new crash animations, new sound and better design, although it still remains similar to the previous Mavericks. In GTA IV the Maverick is the only civilian helicopter, and it may be found at either Francis International Airport, some of the helipads or on skyscraper helipads, the Alderney Heliport above the Booth Tunnel or even at Brucie's Heli Ride activity. The damage has been improved and like all other helicopters, if the helicopter blades hits the wall too much, the blades break, forcing it to descend quickly, then slamming into the ground, either inflicting damage or killing the player.

There is also a Maverick on Liberty City Stories that was not intended to be flown by the player. It can be obtained by using trainers or skills in some missions where the Maverick is seen flying around although only in one of the missions it can be saved. It handles and sounds the exactly the same way as on Vice City.

Overall it is a good choice of transport in Vice City, but San Andreas has many better options. In GTA Vice City Stories the Maverick is used in some missions and accessible at the Escobar International Airport and the stadium in Downtown. Lance also owns one, which is seen occasionally in the game.

In Vice City Stories, the Maverick has a large magnet attached to the bottom in one mission, where Vic Vance is required to pick up several objects with it. This magnet is not available at any other time.

The Maverick is based on the Bell 206L Longranger.


Vice City

  • Roof of the Hyman Condo safehouse.
  • Roof of the Vercetti Estate.

Vice City Stories

San Andreas


  • Roof of a skyscraper next to Star Junction. Roof can be accessed via a window-cleaner's lift on the north end next to Kunzite Street.
  • Alderney Heliport, above Booth Tunnel.
  • Backyard of a house in Westdyke, south of abandoned casino.
  • South-east Algonquin, at the Helitours spot. Helitours Mavericks spawn here.
  • On a helipad in front of a pumping station in West Algonquin, along the waterfront.
  • On a firestation helipad in south-western Alderney, near the Plumbers Skyway.