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Game GTA V
For Solomon Richards
Target Merryweather mercenaries
Location Oriental Theater
De Santa mansion
Fail Any member of the De Santa family dies
Unlocks Planning the Big Score
Unlocked by Legal Trouble
Reuniting the Family

Meltdown is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Solomon Richards to Michael De Santa.


Michael receives a text message from Jimmy stating that he needs to go to Ponsonbys to buy a tuxedo for the premiere of Meltdown at the Oriental Theater. After Michael buys a tuxedo, Jimmy shows up in a Stretch to take them to the premiere. During the limo ride, Jimmy stands up out of the sunroof, boasting about his dad's accomplishments, to which Michael shows disapproval. Before arriving at the theater, Devin Weston calls Michael, furious about him killing his legal counsel Molly Schultz and finishing the movie.

Upon arriving, Michael asks where Amanda and Tracey are, and Jimmy states that they are going to be "fashionably late". Lazlow Jones is seen on the red carpet, interviewing the film's stars for Weazel News while shamelessly promoting himself. Solomon greets Michael, celebrating the success of the premiere; Lazlow tries to asks Solomon about a film role, and Solomon jokingly states that Lazlow would be perfect for The Closet. After interviewing Milton Mcelroy, Lazlow spots Michael and Jimmy and quickly darts into the theater to avoid them. Weston shows up to Michael's surprise, saying that he showed up while Amanda was "stuck at home".

Upon realizing that Amanda and Tracey are in danger, Michael and Jimmy leave the Oriental Theater and race back to the De Santa mansion. Upon arriving, Michael tells Jimmy to hide while he recuses Amanda and Tracey. Michael kills the mercenaries holding Amanda and Tracey hostage. Michael tells Amanda and Tracey to stay holed up in Tracey's room while he wipes out Weston's goons. When Michael goes to check on Amanda and Tracey, a surviving mercenary knocks Michael out and holds him at gunpoint. Jimmy turns out the lights and knocks the mercenary out with his bong. Jimmy tries to teabag the mercenary but instead teabags Michael. Michael tells Amanda that she and the children need to move out again for their safety.

Some time after the ordeal, Michael calls Lester Crest from the Del Perro Pier. Lester asks about the Union Depository heist, and Michael states that they need to do the job as soon as possible. Lester tells Michael to meet him, Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips at the Vanilla Unicorn. In a later phone call, Amanda calls Michael, asking if he found the person responsible for the mercenary attack, and Michael states that he's working on it and tries to reassure Amanda about her and the children's safety.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 6 minutes and 30 seconds.
Pedal to the Medal Reach the top speed of any car.
Tier One Operator Kill at least 12 mercenaries with a headshot.
Headshot Rescue Rescue Amanda and Tracey with a headshot.

Video walkthrough

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