Mendez Cartel

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File:M Cartel.jpg
Members of The Mendez Cartel

The Mendez Cartel was a very powerful drug cartel operating out of Vice City in the early 80'S. They arrive in Vice City around the same time as Victor and supply drugs To numerous high ranking officers st Fort Baxter. The Mendez Cartel also own the mansion on Prawn Island that is eventually taken over by the Sharks in between 1984 and 1986. It is never Disclosed whether they are related to San Fierro Rifa gang leader T-Bone Mendez; it could be Concidence they share a last name. After Victor Vance kills Armando and Diego Mendez, the Cartel is officially disbanded.

In Vice City Stories, Mendez Cartel members are depicted as wearing suits, with light Colored shirts underneath, as well as having a notable moustache.