Michael De Santa

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Michael De Santa
[[Image::File:MichaelDeSanta-GTAV-artwork.png| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Michael De Santa
Aliases Michael Townley (prior to entering witness protection)
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Birth 1965
Date of Death 2013 (player's choice)
Age at Death 48
Nationality American
Home Rockford Hills, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Amanda (wife)
Jimmy (son)
Tracey (daughter)
Main Affiliations Trevor Philips
Franklin Clinton
Dr. Isiah Friedlander
Lester Crest
Solomon Richards
Epsilon Program (formerly)
Vehicles Red Premier
Black Tailgater
White Marquis (stolen)
Player's Choice
Businesses Robbery
Voiced by Ned Luke
This page is about the Grand Theft Auto V protagonist. For other characters, see Michael (disambiguation).

Michael De Santa (Born Michael Townley) is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V. He is a former bank robber, who turned states against others and lives under the FIB witness protection program. As his money is running out, he returns to a life of crime. He is described as being in his early 40s and lives a 'lavish' lifestyle from his home in Rockford Hills, Los Santos. Michael lives with his wife Amanda, but they do not get along, and his two teenage children Tracey and Jimmy, whom he does not understand.

Michael first appeared as the narrator of the first GTA V trailer, released in 2011.


  • Michael was the first protagonist of GTA V to be introduced, however no name was given at the time.
  • Michael is the only GTA protagonist to have a wife and children during their respective appearances in GTA.
  • Until the release of the Game Informer issue on GTA V, his name was rumored to be Albert De Silva, due to a leaked casting list.
  • In The Paleto Score, Michael states that his first robbery was $10,000 from a small franchise in Carcer City in 1988.


Michael's Trailer