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[[Image::File:MichelleGTAIV.jpg| ]]
Appearances [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto IV]]
Full Name Michelle
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth [[Error: Invalid time.|1980-1981 (age 27)]]
Place of Birth Unknown
Age Now
Nationality [[American|American]][[Nationality::American| ]]
Home Liberty City
Family Unknown
Vehicles Merit
Voiced by Rebecca Henderson

Michelle is Niko Bellic's first girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto IV. He is introduced to her during the mission "Three's a Crowd" by Mallorie Bardas, and dates her until "The Snow Storm".


Early in GTA IV, Michelle was affiliated with Mallorie Bardas as a friend, whom Mallorie doesn't hesitate to recommend to Niko as a girlfriend when he is instructed by Roman Bellic to transport them.

From Niko's first encounters with her, however, Michelle exhibits various suspicious behaviors, being very curious of Niko's and Roman's possible criminal links.


Michelle likes being chauffeured in almost any car, except vans and police cars. She also isn't fond of certain cars that come in beater variants. She likes Niko wearing clothes from the Russian Shop. Michelle prefers variety, expressing interest in new cars and pointing out if Niko is wearing the same outfit or takes her to the same place constantly. However, her intonation when asking about a new car sounds more like the questions she asks about his business rather an actual interest like in the case of glasses for example, leading us to believe she's assuming it's from illicit activities. In general, Michelle enjoys going out on dates to a variety of places, including restaurants, nightclubs, and bars.

Cars Michelle Likes:

Restaurants/Bars Michelle Likes:

Venues Michelle Likes:

Beta version of Michelle


  • In the beta version of GTA IV, Michelle had a noticeably different appearance. While she still adorned her black peacoat ensemble, her hair style was slightly different, and her nose had a much more wider appearance. She bore a similar resemblance to Kiki Jenkins.
  • Michelle's vehicle is a silver Merit, which Niko drives in the mission First Date. Interestingly enough, the player can take this car after completing the mission, without Michelle caring.
  • Whenever Niko takes Michelle to a bar, she never gets drunk and stumbles about like Niko does. In fact, Niko will often comment on this, saying things like "Were you drinking in there? I felt as if I was the only one knocking back that stuff. I do not know."   
  • Her favourite outfit for Niko to wear is the sand hinterland coat, blue Russian shop jeans and light brown boots with the sunglasses.