Mike Forelli

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Mike Forelli
Mike Forelli (left) walking towards his Idaho in "Mike Lips Last Lunch" in GTA III.
[[Image::File:MikeForelli-GTAIII.jpg| ]]
Mike Forelli (left) walking towards his Idaho in "Mike Lips Last Lunch" in GTA III.
Appearances GTA III
Full Name Mike Forelli
Aliases Lips Forelli


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death October 2001 (during Mike Lips Last Lunch)
Nationality American
Home Portland, Liberty City
Family Franco Forelli (unknown)
Giorgio Forelli (unknown)
Sonny Forelli (unknown)
Main Affiliations Forelli Family
Vehicles Idaho
Voiced by None Applicable

Mike Forelli, also known as Lips Forelli, is a character in the 3D Universe who appears as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto III (set in 2001). There is no voice actor for Forelli as he does not speak during his appearance.

Character history

Mike Forelli joined the Forelli Family, rising up the ranks of the family. Joey Leone, of the rival Leone Family, has Claude kill him at his regular eatery, Marco's Bistro. Claude had stolen Forelli's car and had a bomb planted in his car, which exploded after Forelli started the car.


  • The sign outside Marco's Bistro reads "Eat 'til you explode", a reference to the events of the mission Mike Lips Last Lunch. The mission-ending cutscene, depicting the car exploding, has the camera focused with the sign prominently in view.

Mission appearance