Miles O'Donovan

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Miles O'Donovan is the mayor of Liberty City who succeeds R.C. Hole, remaining in office at least up to events in Grand Theft Auto III, which takes place in 2001. Not much is known about O'Donovan, except that he has ran for mayor unsuccessfully prior to Hole's election. He apparently has had a past of corruption, drug abuse, and prostitution. After his election, he helped end industrial action by ferry worker by reassuring them that there would always be a place for ferries in the city (despite this promise, ferries ceased to exist by the time events in Grand Theft Auto Advance and GTA III take place). In the final mission of the game, Salvatore is confident that O'Donovan will drop the charges against him, so Massimo Torini kidnaps O'Donovan, and after Toni and Salvatore save O'Donovan and kill Torini, he is indebted to Salvatore and remains in the Leone's pocket.

Despite promising on the radio not to end ferry service following the dock strikes, O'Donovan apparently failed to keep this promise, as the ferry terminals have been demolished and paved over by 2001 in GTA III. Though not featured or mentioned in GTA III's storyline, O'Donovan is said in the official GTA III website to have endorsed nail guns and has done little good for Liberty City, except the increase of hardware stores by two folds since his election.

Miles O'Donovan was voiced by John Braden.