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|family =  
|family =  
|affiliations = [[Devin Weston]]
|affiliations = [[Devin Weston]]
|vehicles =  
|vehicles = [[Cognoscenti Cabrio]]
|businesses =  
|businesses =  
|voice = [[Elizabeth Mason]]
|voice = [[Elizabeth Mason]]

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Molly Schultz
[[Image::File:MollySchultz-GTAV.jpg| ]]
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Molly Schultz


Gender Gender::Female
Date of Death 2013
(during Legal Trouble)
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Main Affiliations Devin Weston
Vehicles Cognoscenti Cabrio
Voiced by Elizabeth Mason

Molly Schultz is a character in the HD Universe who appears in Grand Theft Auto V.

Character history

Molly is the right hand woman of Devin Weston, serving as the senior vice president of Weston's holding company as well as his legal counsel. She has a rather cold and no-nonsense business attitude; however, she becomes high-strung if she feels her life is in danger.

Ms. Schultz is introduced to Franklin Clinton, Trevor Philips, and Michael De Santa when Weston wants the three to steal two exotic sports cars from two trust fund kids he dislikes. Trevor tries to flirt with Ms. Schultz; however, she mostly ignores his advances. When the trio returns with the two cars, Ms. Schultz gives Franklin and Trevor a briefing on their next car. When Franklin, Trevor, and Lamar Davis deliver the cars they procured, Franklin attempts to get their payment; however, Ms. Schultz tells him that Weston is investing the funds and will release them when he sees fit, causing Franklin to believe that they are being robbed.

As Soloman Richards is about to finish the film Meltdown, Weston tells Soloman and Michael that they are going to pull the plug on the movie to collect a massive insurance payout, thanks to Ms. Schultz' understanding of the insurance policy. Soloman reluctantly gives the film to Ms. Schultz, who is leaving for the airport. Not wanting to see his work destroyed, Michael chases after her in a high speed chase on the tarmac of Los Santos International Airport. When Ms. Schultz reaches the hanger, she runs in a panicked fashion towards the main bay, where a jet's turbine is running. The engine's vacuum causes Ms. Schultz to drop the film, and she is sucked into the turbine and killed instantly, leaving only a bloody mess across the hanger's floor.

Mission appearances