Mori Kibbutz

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Mori Kibbutz
[[Image::File:Moriart.jpg| ]]
Mori's artwork.
Appearances [[Appearance::The Ballad of Gay Tony]]
Full Name Mori Kibbutz
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth Midwest
Nationality [[Jewish American|Jewish American]]
Home Liberty City

Brucie Kibbutz (Younger brother)

Juddith Kibbutz (Aunt)
Main Affiliations

Luis Fernando Lopez

Anthony Prince
Vehicles Red Buffalo
Businesses Loansharking,A Kibbutz in Israel
Voiced by Jeff Gurner

Mori Kibbutz is fitness enthusiast and business entrepeunuer Brucie Kibbutz' brother. He believes that he is superior to all, including his brother who he ashames and bullies on a constant basis. Unlike his younger brother, Mori has significantly more defined muscle mass (which he claims he achieved naturally), owns more expensive property (which he makes a point of when asking Brucie how much he paid for his loft apartment) and claims to have genuine military experience, stating that he joined the Israeli military at the age of 18.

He is one of the many people who lent money to Gay Tony and believes he owns him. Luis Lopez is forced to work with Mori for some time and witnesses his harshness towards his brother, defending him and after a car theft the trio committed, Luis encouraged Brucie to stand up to Mori, who finally lost his temper and broke his older brother's nose, although afterwards he was apologetic.

It is later suggested that this event brought Mori down a peg, as he is seen in the end credits sparring with Brucie in the Fight Club without being overly violent towards him.

However, as revealed after the game is completed, Mori has found 'enlightenment' and moved to a real Kibbutz (lit. a traditional Jewish community in Israel, based around farming for self-sustenance), but through a phone call to Luis, reveals that he has subverted the commune-based ideal of the camp and seems to be running it for profit, so much as to deny food to an old man until he finishes working.

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