Morningstar Building

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Morningstar Building
Location: Torrington, Staunton Island
Use: Offices

The Morninstar Building is a skyscraper located in Torrington, Liberty City just beside, in the same block as the Jefferson St. Credit Union building, where they share the same plaza. It is probably owned by the Morningstar Industries, as seen on the billboard nearby.


The skyscraper is *m (* ft) tall, and it's floor plan is a truncated rectangle where one of the corners form a stepped garden. It has glass panel façade which gives it overall blue colour. When seen from far away, it practically seems invisible as it visually blends, with it's similar façade and small height, with the much larger Jefferson St. Credit Union building. Above the entrance, there is a white star logo, similar to the sculpture on the plaza in front.

The skyscraper's name is not official, but taken from it's model file "mrngstarbuild".

It's similar counterpart, Cleethorpes Tower is found in Grand Theft Auto IV, and both of them are based on the design of real Trump Tower in NYC.

Morning Star Plaza

The signature plaza in front of the building contains steps encircling the denivelated plateau with the prominent transparent sculpture of a star (actually two blended triangular prisms), probably the "Morning Star", a logo of the industrial magnate, the Morning Star Industries. The plaza is a popular place for businessmen to relax during work brakes and enjoy the view towards the ocean.