Mountain Cloud Boys (mission)

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Mountain Cloud Boys
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Location San Fierro
Reward 3 $5000, Respect
Unlocks Ran Fa Li (mission)
Unlocked by Mike Toreno (Mission)

Mountain Cloud Boys is a mission given by Wu Zi Mu and the San Fierro Triads in Chinatown, San Fierro to protagonist Carl Johnson


At Woozie's betting store, a member of staff takes you upstairs to meet Woozie himself. He warns you of the bosses curse -- he's blind. So how was he able to race cars earlier in the game? Well, he's blessed with unbelievable good fortune - apparently. Woozie "re-introduces" himself. He is boss of the Mountain Cloud Boys, a subgroup of the San Fierro Triads, and as Dai Dai Lo it is his job to ensure that disputes are settled without damaging important business. Woozie talks of a triad that failed to visit the last tong meeting. He wants you to go with him and meet the triad, to see how they handle things without unnecessary violence. The Blood Feather Triad, another subgroup of the Triads, have a storehouse around the corner, which is handy.


Find a car, and take Woozie to the storehouse. Stop in the red marker, and follow Woozie. Suddenly, pedestrians are screaming and running for their lives. There seems to be a disturbance. Woozie notices that the gate is open, which is unusual. The Triads are dead, and there is fire everywhere. A garage opens, and a triad explains that he was too scared to fight, so he hid in there. Woozie demands to know what happened. The Vietnamese caught them by surprise, and wiped out the Blood Feather Triad. They're coming back!

A car arrives containing 4 viatnamese gangsters, and a health bar appears for Woozie. Kill the Da Nang Boys and protect him. Walk out of the alley and 2 more sets will appear, this time on bikes. There are many more around the corner, including as a sniper. Leave no survivors. Get in the car with Woozie. The Da Nang Boys are blocking the exit. Woozie reverses out of the alley, and tells CJ to take the wheel. Let Woozie finish off the attackers (two cars), and take him back to his place. You can help Woozie by performing a standard drive-by shooting.