Mr and Mrs Bellic

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Mr and Mrs Bellic
For Roman Bellic
Location Algonquin
Reward Nothing
Unlocks Out of Commission/A Revenger's Tragedy
Unlocked by If the Price is Right (Deal)/A Dish Served Cold (Revenge)

Mr. and Mrs. Bellic is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV triggered by a phone call from Roman Bellic after Niko makes his Deal or Revenge decision. It is the only mission after this decision which is common to both endings. The mission consists purely of a cutscene depicting the wedding of Roman to Mallorie Bardas -- the end of the scene, however, is dependent on Niko's above mentioned decision. Below are the walkthrough and events on both decisions. The wedding takes place in the same church in which the funeral of Francis/Derrick took place.

Niko shoots at Dimitri's assassin, ordered to kill Niko (but failed and accidentally killed Roman Bellic).

Deal walkthrough and events

If you choose the "deal" decision, Kate McReary is angry with Niko for making a deal with Dimitri Rascalov, and refuses to go with him to the wedding. Change into a suit from your safehouse, or buy one from Perseus to prepare for the wedding.

Head over to Roman and Mallorie's wedding at the church in Suffolk.

Roman will complement Niko's suit (regardless of its condition), then he will go inside the church.

Roman and Mallorie marry inside and kiss, then the view returns outside, with Roman and Mallorie happily exiting the church. The guests cheer on the couple and an assassin taps Niko on the back. He draws a pistol and says that Dimitri hired him. Niko wrestles with him, and succeeds at forcing the pistol back and shoots him in the head; Roman, however, was accidentally shot and killed during the struggle.

Mallorie bursts into tears. Niko shoots the assassins dead body insanely and starts kicking it. Little Jacob promises an enraged Niko that he will track down Dimitri and Jimmy Pegorino, whose betrayal led to Roman's death. Niko wakes up in the safehouse in Bohan, in the old clothes he was wearing when he arrived in Liberty City, and says "Roman, I'm so sorry cousin...".

Niko leaves the scene and the game automatically advances ahead several hours. Niko wakes up in the Bohan Safehouse, dressed in the same clothes he wore at the start of the game. Note: the saved game file created at this point carries the title "In Mourning", not "Mr. and Mrs. Bellic".

Soon after waking up, Niko receives a text message from Little Jacob saying he's on Dimirti's trail; about an hour afterwards (game time), he receives a phone call from Jacob and the next mission automatically commences. The interval between waking up and the mission launching isn't very long, but there is time to collect weapon pick-ups (or take a taxi to a gun shop) and buy food to boost health. Jacob's gun car service is no longer available; nor is (for obvious reasons) Roman's car service, but Niko can still hail a cab if the player would rather not make the long drives from Bohan to the gun shop and, later, the rendezvous point in Alderney. There is no time limit to get to Jacob's car; unfortunately, the game does not allow saving once the next mission triggers.

Revenge walkthrough and events

Jimmy about to attack in wedding.

If you chose "Revenge" instead, Kate is happy that Niko "cut his ties" with Dimitri. Wear a suit from the safehouse, or buy one from Perseus to prepare for the wedding, then pick up Kate from her mother's house in Meadows Park, Dukes. Drive her to the wedding ceremony. On the way, she says that she wants Niko to abandon his criminal activities and violent lifestyle, and Niko happily agrees. When Niko and Kate arrive at the church, go into the yellow marker.

Roman and Mallorie kiss, then the view returns outside with Roman and Mallorie happily exiting the church. The guests cheer on the couple.

A black car drives past the celebration and the passenger window rolls down to reveal an enraged Jimmy Pegorino, who produces an assault rifle and opens fire, calling Niko a "fucking double crossing immigrant shit". Without aiming, he empties the weapon into the celebration. Roman shouts for someone to call an ambulance, but Kate has been killed and Niko, knowing this, shouts out that she is dead.

Little Jacob attempts to calm Niko. The next morning, Niko wakes up in the safehouse in Bohan, in the old clothes he was wearing when he arrived in Liberty City. He rises from the bed, and says to himself sadly, "Damn, I was meant to protect her!" or "Poor girl... She never should have gotten close to me. Nobody should." Soon, Niko will receive a call from Little Jacob and the next mission will commence when you meet him at Koresh Square in Alderney.


There is no reward for beating the mission, but the final storyline mission, A Revenger's Tragedy (Deal)/Out of Commission (Revenge) is unlocked.

End of storyline

  • If you chose Deal, Mallorie will say that she is expecting a child. Niko says he will look after the child as if he was the father and that he will never have to worry about anything. Later, Kate phones and says that she will always be there for him. Brucie will also call and say he can't believe Roman is gone and says he learned a lot from him.
  • If you chose Revenge, Roman will phone and say that he is sorry and will name their child Kate in memory of Kate McReary if it is a girl. Later, Patrick McReary will phone and say he is upset and that he is looking after his mother as he is all she has left other than either Derrick or Francis (whichever one was spared).