Naval Engagement

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Naval Engagement
Game GTA Vice City
For Umberto Robina
Target Haitians' and Streetwannabees' drug shipment.
Location Café Robina
Reward $4000

Naval Engagement is the third mission played for Umberto Robina in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.



Umberto is pissed that the Haitians forced him to escape during the begining of the previous mission so he wants you to screw up a Haitian Drug deal. The Haitians are having a deal with the Streetwannabees in a mansion in Starfish Island, so Rico will take you there in a speedboat to screw up the deal from the water.

The Mission

Get yourself to Viceport, where Rico is waiting for you with is Jetmax. When you meet him, you'll get on his boat and he'll drive you to the Mansion where the deal is going down.

When you're there, open fire at the Haitian bodyguards on the Reefer boats, then, the Streetwannabees will turn on the Haitins, they'll kill the three Haitians conducting the deal and they'll take the coke, kill all the Haitian bodyguards on the Reefers and then blow up one of them to leave Rico some space in which to drop you off.

Once Rico drops you off, the Streetwannabees, wielding AK-47s will attack you, gun them all down, there are two on the garden, one in the entrance, two in the sides of the house and one on the roof. When they're all t}dead, pick up the briefcases with drugs they drop. As you prepare to leave, to leave, two surviving Haitians in a Dinghy will blow up Rico's boat and he'll escape. Then the cops show up to bust the deal, but find you're the only one there, so now you get a three star wanted level.

Kill the Haitians that killed Rico and fight your way through the cops that came to bust the deal, then, steal the Landstalker in front of the house and escape! Get to Café Robina and deliver the drugs to Umberto, after he gets the shipment, the mission is over.


(Café Robina, Tommy Vercetti and Umberto Robina)

Tommy: Alberto, un cafe señor.

Umberto: Poppa, don't serve this snake in the straw. You're two-faced, Tommy. You either two-faced or you're a wimp, baby boy! The Haitians, man. They laughing at me!

Tommy: Easy, easy. What's your problem?

Umberto: They're laughing at me, Tommy, AT ME! Umberto Robina! They're doing whatever they like!

Tommy: Nobody does whatever they like, Umberto, they do whatever you let them do!

Umberto: What?

Tommy: You want somebody taken care of? I can handle it, but it's gonna cost you. I know we're brothers and all, but this is business.

Umberto: Tommy. You a real man. Buisnessman, a gentleman. These Haitians, they have a load of product coming in off shore, really good stuff. We take it and we finish them! You take it, and I look after you like my brother. Like my son!

Tommy: I think I prefer the cash, than to being bounced in your knee, amigo.

(Viceport, Rico and Tommy.)

Tommy: Hey Rico, Nice boat. You ready?

Rico: Si Tommy. Now you be a good shot today. My boat, she no good, full of holes, okay?

(End Of Dialogue.)

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