New Model Army

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New Model Army
Zero asks Carl Johnson to help him defeat Berkley.

Zero asks Carl Johnson to help him defeat Berkley.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Zero
Target Berkley's compound
Location Garcia, San Fierro, San Andreas
Reward $7,000
Unlocks Zero RC as an asset
Unlocked by Supply Lines...

New Model Army is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Zero from his shop in Garcia, San Fierro, San Andreas.


Zero and Berkley are still at each others necks. This is it - the showdown, both of their lives are at stake and the loser will have to leave San Fierro for good! Erm yeah, they take the RC thing just a bit too seriously. If Zero can get his RC Bandit into Berkley's compound (safely), Berkley will have to leave San Fierro for good. However, Berkley has an RC Chopper dropping many items on the path leading to the compound, therefore blocking Zero's route. This all takes place in the RC BattleGround


The reward for completing the mission is $7,000. Zero RC also becomes an asset, which generates money that can be collected by the player.


Video Walkthrough

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