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A VCN Maverick from Vice City
A News Chopper from San Andreas

The News Helicopter (aka: News Maverick, VCN Maverick) is a helicopter that first appeared on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and then in San Andreas. It is essentially a 2 door "shortened" Maverick helicopter with News markings. Due to the shorter length and changed game physics for this helicopter, people that regularly fly the regular Maverick may have difficulty getting used to this one, mainly because it has free control -- in example, you can easily flip over while in air with it, apart from the Maverick which has lockdowns to prevent this. There is one available in Vice City: on top of the VCN building, Downtown. In San Andreas, the only known method of obtaining one is by starting a race (known as: "Whirly Bird checkpoint"), failing it and taking it to the private hangar. Another option is by obtaining a wanted level of 4 stars or more (preferred), doing the jetpack cheat, flying onto the Police Maverick and waiting for the News Maverick to come near enough so you can get into it although this method is risky. On Liberty City Stories it is technically possible to obtain the helicopter by a third party trainer program, however it has no "skin" and the helicopter will appear either totally white or totally silver depending on the version of the game.

The VCN Maverick most closely resembles the YOH-4A, a prototype army helicopter based on the Bell 206 with a shortened fuselage. It was intended to replace the OH-6 Cayuse in the LOH (light observation helicopter) role, but was not selected.


San Andreas

  • Along with the Police Maverick if you have a three star wanted level or more.
  • At the "Whirly Bird Waypoint" race, where you'll be piloting the News Chopper.