Nice Package

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Nice Package
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Umberto Robina
Target Package
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Reward $750
Unlocks Balls

Nice Package is a mission in GTA Vice City Stories, given by Umberto Robina to protagonist Victor Vance.


Victor was paged by Umberto who wants to talk to him. Upon arriving at Umberto's home, he starts to joke about Victor and he angrily threats Umberto with a gun. While Victor asks Umberto about how he knew Marty Jay Williams, Victor also asks him for opening an alliance with each other, but Umberto refuses and wants Vic to show his "balls" first. When outside Victor and a Cuban gang member get in the Cuban Hermes parked and go after the package being driven by another Cuban and being chased by more Cubans. After a chase Victor succeeds picking up the package and takes it back to Umberto.


(Vic enters Umberto's home.)

Vic Vance: Hey, you Umberto?

Umberto Robina: Did somebody order a stripper?

Vic Vance: Excuse me?

Umberto Robina: Because I like my bitches a bit less balding.

Vic Vance: What?

(Vic points a pistol at Umberto's face.)

Vic Vance: Are you a comedian, friend? Hmmm?

Umberto Robina: No, no... I'm a man, just like you.

Vic Vance: Uh-huh...

Umberto Robina: Umberto Robina. You must be Vance.

Vic Vance: Yeah, that's right. So you heard about Marty?

Umberto Robina: Yeah. I heard about that dumb punk. Came to an unfortunate end, huh? Bitch fight! I like that, huh? Two bitches going at it, hot and sweaty... Bang, bang, bang!

Vic Vance: Yeah, whatever you're into, man.

Umberto Robina: Hey, I'm into men! Men proving themselves!

Vic Vance: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, sounds fun. Look, you worked for Marty for years. So in between men, can I rely on you?

Umberto Robina: Sure, pappy. If you can prove to me you got some balls!

(Vic and Umberto go outside.)

Umberto Robina: I've got a package waiting for collection Downtown. Go get it for me, if you can.

Vic Vance: I'm not your delivery man, friend.

Umberto Robina: Until I know you got some balls, there'll be no alliance between us. Juan will go with you. He'll tell me if you've got something down there.

(Vic gets the package and takes it to the drop-off point.)

Umberto Robina: Gracias, Vic! I kiss you!

Vic Vance: Whoa! Not today.


The reward for completing this mission is $750.

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