No Way on the Subway

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No Way on the Subway
Jim Fitzgerald and the nameless biker.

Jim Fitzgerald and the nameless biker.
For Ray Boccino
Location Algonquin
Reward $9,500
Unlocks Late Checkout

No Way on the Subway is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is given by Ray Boccino to Niko Bellic.


The mission starts off with Ray Boccino and Phil Bell telling Niko that the money and diamonds are missing, with the money stolen by Johnny Klebitz during the bungled deal in the museum and the diamonds with Luis Fernando Lopez. They order you to get revenge on those bikers.


Hail a taxi or drive to the bikers' hangout just out of Northwood, Algonquin. Quick, jump on the bike and chase the two goons. One of them, a beginner biker, will skid at an intersection a few seconds after you jump on the bike. You can use his slow driving to easily pop a headshot and remain in pursuit with one biker. Follow him into the hospital in Northwood where he will destroy some police barricades and ride his bike onto the tracks.

Follow him towards Broker on the railway and be careful to follow him exactly as there is a derailed train and if you hit that, it's game over. He will take a jump - make sure to start shooting him now! Once both bikers are dead, the mission is over; you might want to head back to Algonquin and save the game there.

Some time after the mission, a Weazel News Report says that one of the bikers was identified as Jim Fitzgerald, a close friend of Johnny Klebitz and an important supporting character in the first GTA IV add-on, The Lost and Damned.


  • Just before Fitzgerald is killed, he escaped with help from Johnny Klebitz from Drussila's after being tortured by Ray Boccino's goons.
  • Be sure to do the mission I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle before this one because it gets you used to Motorcycle shootouts. However, even with that experience this mission is many times more difficult due to the hard-to-handle bike Niko is saddled with and the obstacles involving the trains. It is also highly recommended that Niko complete as many stunt jumps as possible for the sake of practice, preferably with a similar low-riding bike, because there are several points in the chase where Niko has to jump his bike from a height (most notably when the chase enters the subway tracks, and again after crossing the Algonquin Bridge) and if the player doesn't know how to handle a bike in the air, Niko will either die or lose the pursuit.
  • If it's proving difficult to shoot and safely drive the bike, as noted below, one of the bikers will eventually be taken out by a train, rendering the chase slightly easier ... if Niko doesn't crash into the same train, of course.
  • If you let the chase go on with both Jim and the mystery biker, Jim will crash into an oncoming subway train and die instantly, leaving Niko to speak one of three lines of extra dialogue: "Was that the Uptown J train?", "Your friend's gonna be smeared from here to Northwood!" or "Well, the big bad biker got his self killed!"
  • Niko is originally sent to kill Johnny for stealing the money, but while Niko is chasing Jim, Ray sent some of his men to deal with Johnny instead. When Niko calls Ray after killing Jim, and reporting Johnny missing, Ray informs Niko not to worry about it.


If you kill Jim before, where the train has derailed, it says enter train, as if you where at the platform, waiting to board the train. However you cannot enter the derailed train. Also if you visit the place again, (maybe after killing Jim, than returning to the place) the train has disappeared, but where the train has crashed, it took out a part of the steel poles, which still can be seen. Sometimes, if you crash into a subway when chasing the bikers on the subway tracks, your bike will strangly disappear.