North Holland Hustlers

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North Holland Hustlers
Leader: Dwayne Forge (? - [[]1993]]) Playboy X (1993 - 2008)
Type: Street gang
Enemies: Possibly M.O.B.
Vehicles: Back modded Patriot and black Landstalker with TVs in.
Weapons: Knife, Baseball Bat, Pistol and Uzi
Fronts: None
Members: Dwayne Forge, Playboy X

North Holland Hustlers is a large African-American gang operating in northern Algonquin, with ties to the Torres Cartel in Bohan. The gang was originally led by Dwayne Forge until his incarceration. Afterward, Playboy X, a flashy gangster with a less professional attitude toward the "business" and how to run it, and more focused on the actual money earned, took over. He was an apprentice of Forge's before he ended up in prison. Upon his release from prison, Dwayne is displeased with how the gang is being run and vies for power in an ensuing turf war. Niko Bellic then chooses to kill either Playboy X or Dwayne Forge. If the player chooses to save Dwayne's life and develop a friendship with him, they will be able to phone Dwayne and ask for two members of the North Holland Hustlers to come to them and aid Niko on a mission or event.