Out of Commission

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Out Of Commission

Pegorino (foreground) being shot by Niko (background).
For Little Jacob, Niko Bellic
Target Jimmy Pegorino
Location Westdyke and Koresh Square (in Alderney)

  • Pegorino escapes by boat.
  • Killing Pegorino's men before reaching the casino.
  • Destruction of the Cognoscenti before reaching the casino.
  • Losing Pegorino's men during the chase.
Reward $250,000
Unlocks Credits
XBOX 360 Achievement/PS3 Trophy - You Won

Out of Commission is the final mission of the "Revenge" ending in the of Grand Theft Auto IV. It is given to protagonist Niko Bellic from Little Jacob.


After Roman's and Mallorie's wedding, Niko receives a phone call from Little Jacob telling him he and Roman found some of Jimmy Pegorino's mobsters in a building in Koresh Square in Alderney. Afterwards Niko goes to the two who are waiting in a Cognoscenti, and they begin to pursue the mobsters to Jimmy Pegorino. After an extended car chase the two eventually lead them to an abandoned casino in the North of Alderney. Niko then fights his way into the casino, until he finds Pegorino. Pegorino states that if he would've worked him things would be better, and Kate's death was Niko's fault. He then runs away and boards a boat on a jetty after letting loose more of his guards which are killed. He then gives chase by using a dirt bike and staying on the shore. After a short while, Roman and Jacob arrive in an Annihilator. Niko then jumps onto it by means of a ramp. Once aboard he flies over Pegorino's boat with Jacob shooting at it. The boat catches on fire but due to a rocket launcher so does the Annihilator. The two vehicles then crash onto Happiness Island where Pegorino runs under the statue, and Niko tracks him down, and kills him.

After killing him the credits roll and end with Niko saying "So this is what the dream feels like, this is the victory we longed for".



  • The rewards for completing this is $250,000, as well as the trophy/achievement "You Won". Also completing the mission, and game under thirty hours will reward the player with the "Liberty City Minute" trophy/achievement. The Annihilator will also now be available to the player
  • * == Trivia ==
      • Shortly after, Niko will receive a call from Roman saying Mallorie is pregnant and if it is a girl, they will name her in Kate's memory. In the "Deal" ending, Mallorie reveals it to be a boy, but the gender is not specified in "Revenge".
      • A couple of days after completing the mission, Niko may receive a call from Kate. She will ask Niko to take her on a date, as if she never died. If Niko accepts, the date will function as normal. This is a glitch.
      • Even if you haven't got an AK-47, Niko will still hold one in the last cutscene and kill Jimmy Pegorino with it.
      • There is a flying rat under the ramp when you do the motorcycle stunt to grab the helicopter railing. It is pointless to kill it, as it you will, eventually, fail the mission.
      • Roman is still wearing his wedding suit, even though it was a while since his wedding (Niko had time for sleep), Jacob is also wearing the clothes he wore for the wedding.
  • It is possible to dodge the final rocket near Happiness Island. To do this, you have to fly high in the air and above Jimmy's boat and to the right above South East Alderney. When the cutscene shows Jimmy escaping into the island, it'll show the helicopter on fire and out of control, even if you dodge the last rocket.


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