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Game GTA San Andreas
For T-Bone Mendez
Target Da Nang Boys
Location Battery Point
Reward Respect, 3-star wanted level

Outrider is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given by the Loco Syndicate.


In this mission Jizzy B. phones CJ and tells him to get to a car in Easter Basin. CJ drives to the car and nobody is there while as he gets in T-Bone Mendez appears from the backseat threating CJ to see what he says as a "joke". While T-Bone moves the gun from his face Mike Toreno appears and gets in the car. CJ now has to drive into a van with a Rifa gang member in it. CJ is handed a sniper rifle as well as a rocket launcher and hops on a Sanchez. He then removes the roadblocks that are caused by the Da Nang Boys and while all the four roadblocks are removed he has to guard the van that transports some drugs to Doherty. Completing this mission gains you a 3-star wanted level.

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