Over the Top

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Over The Top
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Ricardo Diaz
Target Hunter
Location Diaz's Mansion
Reward $3000

Over The Top is the before to last mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The mission is played for Ricardo Diaz.



The Mendez Brothers have killed Louise Cassidy-Williams, now this war isn't business anymore, it's personal. Armando Mendez is dead and Diego Mendez is hiding in his safe compound. Diaz says that entering the Mendez Compound by ground is suicide, so, while he was high on coke, he remembered that a military helicopter known as the Hunter had been delivered to Fort Baxter recently. You'll have to steal it and use it later to attack the Mendez Compound.

The Mission

In order to sneak into the base, you'll need a decoy. Phil Cassidy is the man for the job. Get a car and drive over to Phil's warehouse in Viceport, but beware, at the bridge leaving Starfish Island there is a Sentinel XS parked on the road and next to it is a man from the Mendez Cartel wielding an Uzi, beware as you drive past him.

When you arrive to Phil's, he's drunk and weeping on the floor over the death of his sister, Louise. When you explain that you need to steal the copter to get back on the Mendez's, he agrees to be your decoy. Get on Phil's truck and drive to Fort Baxter, when you arrive, Phil will take the truck, drive toawrds the entrance of the fort at full speed and then leap of as the car crahses, at the same time setting off all of Phil's boomshine bombs and destroying the entrance of Fort Baxter.

Now you have to sneak in. There's a pile of trash cans piled up outside the Fort, jump onto them and into the base. Now you have to head to the army building to unlock the Hunter's zone gate. As you sneak through, try not to get spotted by searchlights and if you find any guards, kill them before they set off the alarm. When you make it to the army building, a couple of guards will show up, kill them and then make your way into the control room.

When you make it inside, you will unlock the gates, but some of the soldiers will notice your theft plan and will head for the copter. You now have three minutes before the copter takes off and goes out of your reach. Get out of the army building and three more guards will go after you, kill them and then head for the Hunter. Pull out the guard inside it and fly the attack copter back to Diaz's Mansion, now land the Hunter in the heli-pad on the roof and mission finished.


(Diaz's Mansion, Vic Vance and Ricardo Diaz.)

Diaz: Vic Vance! You ready?

Vic: What's going on, Diaz?

Diaz: It's time for you to revenge the death of that girl of yours, and bring the whole Mendez operation down. You wanna bump, man?

Vic: No.

Diaz: Well, I do.

(Diaz walks over to the table and snorts some coke.)

Vic: Ah, Jesus.

Diaz: My spies tell me everything. This is the plan. The army took delivery of some new attack helicopter. Meanwhile, Diego Mendez thinks he's untouchable, just because no one can get to him in his compound from the ground. So...

Vic: So, how about I sneak into the army base, steal that chopper and use it to attack him?

Diaz: Hehehehe! Si señor!

Vic: Si señor? Are you kidding me? That coke is doing something to your brain, buddy.

(Diaz snorts some more coke.)

Diaz: No, it just helps me think...and it helps me get it on. It'll be easy, but you'll need help. What about Quentin? He can fly...

Vic: No thanks, I know - what about this guy, Phil. He's an old army buddy of mine.

Diaz: I love him. Go get him.

Vic: Alright.

Diaz: This is it, man. No more Mendez - No more trouble for us! HAHAHAHA!

(Phil's Place, Vic and Phil Cassidy.)

(Phil is drunk and weeping on the floor while Vic arrives.)

Vic: Phil...I don't know what to say. I'm going after Diego Mendez. I wouldn't ask for help if I didn't need it, but, I need it. There's an attack copter down at the base. If I could get hold of it...

Phil: You need a decoy...And I've got all the decoy you're gonna need.

(Phil's Truck, Phil.)

Phil: I, I, I, I can't believe she's gone. Sorry Vic...she was a good soldier...a good sister, I mean.

(Outside Fort Baxter, Vic and Phil.)

Vic: You're not gonna do anything stupid, are you man?

Phil: We're breaking into a military base, and I'm drunk. What could be more stupid? Don't worry about me. Don't worry about me.

(Phil drives towards the fort gate.)


(Phil jumps off the truck and the truck crashes against the fort entrance, the truck explodes blowing up the entrance.)

Phil: Yeeaah! Suck on that!

(Vic sneaks into the fort, steals the copter and delivers it to Diaz's mansion.)

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