Palomino Creek

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Palomino Creek in northeastern Red County, San Andreas
Palomino Creek location

Palomino Creek is a moderately sized town appearing in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in the northeastern portion of Red County, San Andreas. The town has 7,012 residents in 1992. It is home to a bank (which has experienced numerous robberies), a Palomino Creek Safehouse, that can be bought for $35,000, and Hanky Panky Point, a popular destination for amorous teenage couples and voyeuristic onlookers. Palomino Creek may be based on Burbank, California, a suburb directly north of Los Angeles.


Due to the town's small size and density, the majority of Palomino Creek bears mainly low-rise residential homes, with the occasional small businesses; neither is the architecture of the vicinity spectacular, consisting of very basic, functional structures. No notable landmarks are prominent in the vicinity either. Unlike similar neighboring rural towns such as Montgomery or Blueberry, Palomino Creek does not concentrate industrial complexes and businesses, which comprises of only a few clusters of shacks and simple block structures. The country folk flavour and atmosphere of the vicinity like any other small towns within Red County contrasts to the dangerous, gang infested areas of Los Santos, less than a mile away.





  • Romero - In the driveway of Drive-Thru Confessions (occasionally)
  • Mower


  • Body Armor - Between a house and a garage in the northeast part of town



  • The default radio station around the vicinity is K Rose.