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A particle is an animation of moving textures to simulate fuzzy effects. The new particle system in San Andreas is slightly different from GTA 3 and Vice City. Almost all particle effects are stored in the effects.fxp file in the models folder. You can also attach particle systems to your models using the 3d Studio Max script by User:DexX, that works also for 2dfx Template:GTAF. For developing your own particle systems, check User:Jost_Vice's Template:GTAF

Mission Script

You can use the following opcodes to do stuff to your particles.
064B - Creates a particle at a location
064C - Makes the particle visible
064E - Stops the particle
064F - Releases the particle from memory
0650 - Deletes the particle with fade
0669 - Attaches a particle to an actor
066A - Attaches a particle with rotation to an actor
066B - Attaches a particle to a vehicle
066C - Attaches a particle with rotation to a vehicle
066D - Attaches a particle to an object
066E - Attaches a particle with rotation to an object
0883 - Attaches a particle to an actor
0976 - Deletes a particle instantly

List of Particles


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