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Type SUV
Style 4 Door
Games GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, and GTA IV
Based on Hummer H2 (GTA IV), Hummer H1 (GTA III, GTA LCS), HMMWV (GTA VC, GTA SA, GTA VCS)
For the police version of the Patriot, see NOOSE Patriot
The Patriot in the showroom. Image from

The Mammoth Patriot is a SUV based off the AM General HMMWV (Hummer) and Hummer H2. In GTA III and Liberty City Stories, it is a popular car often found in Portland, when in Vice City and San Andreas this car is reserved for military use, although they are never seen driving it outside of rare circumstances. In GTA IV the Patriot is based off the GMT800 2003-present Hummer H2 (with a few things rearranged, a different tail light and grille design) and is driven by civilians and a special, faster police version is used by the LCPD's NOOSE division. Some can be seen with roof lights, a bull bar, and an American flag painted on the side. It is very powerful and can climb over things, like no other vehicle can (such as cars and low walls). Also if you find a low car like a Turismo in GTA IV, you can drive underneath the Patriot without damage.


The Patriot has medium maximum speed, due to its heavy weight. It is very durable, and has outstanding off-road capabilities, mainly because of high clearance, unusual width, and suspension. It can climb very steep gradients due to its low gear boost, and does not roll, due to the low centre of gravity. It is top heavy, and caution on turns should be taken.

Because it has a low gear boost, its engine sounds big, and it is average speed for a large, heavy SUV, it wouldn't be a bad idea to assume that the Patriot has a turbocharged V8.

The GTAIV rendition is similar, but has some changes. It is ridiculously heavy for an SUV, and as a result cannot go particularly fast, limiting its usefulness in highspeed chases. Its engine seems to struggle to pull the weight, but is not easily stalled by crashes. The Patriot is also top heavy, and has a propensity to roll over in extremely turns. However, it is extremely durable as a result, able to soak up bullets and crashes and keep going. Its suspension is however excellent, and it can take light to medium turns with low body roll. Its engine hood is hinged differently from other cars, and will not fly off if an impact dislodges it.

Model Listing:

  • Mammoth Patriot Military Model Mark 1 1984
  • Mammoth Patriot Military Model Mark 2 1986
  • Mammoth Patriot Military Model Mark 3 1992
  • Mammoth Patriot Civilian Mark 1 1998
  • Mammoth Patriot Civilian Mark 2 2001
  • Mammoth Patriot Civilian Mark 3 2008
  • Mammoth Patriot NOOSE Issue 2008


A Patriot at the Supa Save! in GTA III.


A Patriot at Phil’s Place in GTA: Vice City

Vice City

San Andreas

  • Chemical plant south of San Fierro, in Tierra Robada
  • At the end of the dock next to the ship at the San Fierro navy base
  • Inside the airstrip portion of Area 69 near the gate
  • Las Venturas hospital
  • Courier missions


  • Star Junction (not a specific location but always seems to be one driving around)
  • During the mission Deconstruction for Beginners, if you don't park in the safehouse parking spot at Playboy X's penthouse before you start the mission, there will be a unique yellow Patriot in the spot when you come back outside after the cut scene. You can drive it to any safehouse to save it or pull it out of the spot and then back into it to save it there even though you don't have a safehouse there at this point in the game.
  • Sometimes found parked around Broker or Dukes


  • In GTA IV, the engine from the Patriot strongly sounds like a Ford Mustang GT from the Need for Speed games.