Pavano Family

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Pavano Family
Type: Italian-American Mafia Family
Vehicles: Black PMP 600s with mesh grills and spoilers; black Sentinels with sun louvers on the rear windows
Weapons: Knife, Pistol, Uzi
Fronts: Auto Eroticar
Members: Maria Valvona, Arthur Zepulla, Mario Venturella, Joe Corrola

The Pavano Family is one of the five Cosa Nostra families of Liberty City and is led by 60 year old Maria Valvona, a Sicilian born matriarch. Joe Corrola is believed to be in charge of the family's heroin distribution ring, Mario Venturella is the longest lasting lover of Maria and a cat-burglar based in Algonquin and Arthur Zepulla is believed to be the family Consigliere. Jimmy Pegorino looked at the Pavanos as a way of getting a seat in the Commission, so he organised a sit down with them at an old refinery, where he took Niko Bellic along to watch over the meet with a sniper rifle after he was recommended to Pegorino by Phil Bell. The sit down was a set up and the Pavanos attempted to whack Pegorino, who was saved by Niko. The Pavanos later suffered for their actions when Pegorino hired Bellic to wipe out one of their crews that was meeting at Auto Eroticar in Alderney.