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{{toc}}===Ammunation Clerk===
{{toc}}===AmmuNation Clerk===
{{AudioTranscript| odyM3THMXvk |
{{AudioTranscript| odyM3THMXvk |
*Everything a patriot could want!
*Everything a patriot could want!
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*Let's do it, come on.
*Let's do it, come on.
*It's on now!
*It's on now!
*I'm about to lose my temper!
====Killing Pedestrians====
====Killing Pedestrians====
*Welcome to America!
*Welcome to America!
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*G.S.F. for life!
*G.S.F. for life!
====Picking Up Money====
====Picking Up Money====
*Guess you won't be needing this now
*Guess you won't be needing this now.
*(when he's fat) This should help keep my belly full.
*(when he's fat) This should help keep my belly full.
*(when he's fat) Lunch money.
*(when he's fat) Lunch money.
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*With a mean bastard like you''' '''around here, crime really don't pay.
*With a mean bastard like you''' '''around here, crime really don't pay.
*Hey, gimme that paper!
*Hey, gimme that paper!
*You don't need it no more, huh?
====When the police are crashing into him====
====When the police are crashing into him====
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*Yeah pretty gangster ain't they.
*Yeah pretty gangster ain't they.
*Yeah i hear you, cool.
*Yeah i hear you, cool.
====Complimenting a NPC after they praised his haircut====
====Complimenting an NPC after they praised his haircut====
*The fade? It's straight gangster.
*The fade? It's straight gangster.
*This cut? Awe thanks.
*This cut? Awe thanks.
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*'''Pilot: '''Man, stop photographing those women and shoot the bastard!.
*'''Pilot: '''Man, stop photographing those women and shoot the bastard!.
*'''Co-Pilot: '''Hey, shut up!
*'''Co-Pilot: '''Hey, shut up!
*I'm gonna kill this guy! Make sure it's the right guy this time!
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*I'm gonna make you real sorry!
*I'm gonna make you real sorry!
*You're gonna regret the day you came here!
*You're gonna regret the day you came here!
===Countryside Hillbilly 2===
*Two black eyes coming right up!
*All right, put 'em up!
*You picked the wrong old-timer boy!
*No problem!
*Easy now!
*You had this coming!
*My fault!
*Well excuse me!
*You got a problem buddy?
*Don't mind me!
===Mexican sex pedestrian===
===Mexican sex pedestrian===
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*We is law abiding citizens!
*We is law abiding citizens!
*I'm big when I'm sitting on my wallet.
*I'm big when I'm sitting on my wallet.
*Grove Street Families suck ass!
*Grove Street mamas suck my dick!
*Grove wear snitch jacket!
*Suck my dick Grove bitch!
===Mexican drug dealer===
===Mexican drug dealer===

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AmmuNation Clerk

Big Smoke

  • Damn, fool!
  • Ah, look out.
  • Watch where you're goin', moron!
  • Excuse me.

Carl Johnson

Well Stacked Company Clerk

Cluckin' Bell Clerk

Burger Shot Clerk

Female Clothing Shop Clerk

Male Clothing Shop Clerk

Los Santos Boxing Trainer

  • Yo, you wanna see some new moves?
  • Man you're an embarassment! Get yourself some muscles first!
  • Fine man, but the streets are mean dude!
  • Alright, but I'll know you'll be back!
  • Wanna go on a round with me?
  • You charge at him and batter your opponent!
  • (to the boxers) That's right, keep breathing!
  • Don't give the opponent the time to recover.

San Fierro Kung Fu Master

  • So, you wish to become a warrior!
  • You are weak like flat weed! Get yourself some strength!
  • Observe with the eyes young student and you will learn!
  • The warrior's path shall bring you back!
  • Would you like to spar with your master?

Las Venturas Streetfighting Teacher

  • You want to see some new moves?
  • Come back if you change your mind, man!
  • Alright man, pay attention!
  • Want to have another round with me?

Indian pedestrian

  • (farts) My ass is stinking!
  • Shit cock bastard head!
  • Smell my fingers!
  • You fucking shitface!
  • Aeyyy!
  • I kill you!
  • Dumb bastard!
  • You shit!
  • I'll get you!
  • Take this, you dick!
  • You want some of this?
  • I studied martial arts in Kathmandu!


  • Place your bets!
  • Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!
  • An offer of credit has been made, Sir.
  • The house is prepared to offer you credit, Sir.
  • The house regonizes _ credit rating.
  • Sorry, Sir, you don't have enough funds.
  • No more bets, please!
  • No more bets, ladies and gentlemen, please.
  • No more bets, people.
  • You win!
  • You win, Sir, well done.
  • Congratulations, Sir.
  • Thank you, Sir, have a nice day.
  • Thank you for playing, Sir.
  • Jackpot!
  • Another win for Sir!
  • Blackjack!
  • Blackjack! House Exclusive!


Police Boat

Countryside Police

Police Helicopter

Motorcycle Police

Los Santos Police

San Fierro Police

  • Watch where you going!
  • Sorry, my fault, entirely!
  • Did you hurt yourself?
  • Yeah, let’s connect!
  • Did your mother drop you as a child?
  • Hey, watch it!
  • Hey, I just polished these shoes!
  • When you see this badge, step the hell aside!
  • Let’s see what you got, boy!
  • Take it like a man!
  • Bruise yourself for pain!
  • When I kick your ass, I’m gonna fuck it!
  • Careful, I know how to use this stick!
  • Move it or loose it!
  • I’m gonna take you down!
  • First I gonna beat you up, than I’m gonna beat you off!
  • Do you wanna bump up? Come on: Show me what you’re hiding down there!
  • Man to man, like nature intended!
  • Prepared for a beating!
  • You wanna bump up, huh?
  • I’m gonna violate your ass!
  • Come on, pal, one fist or two?
  • How can I help you? Please stop!
  • I’m actually a social worker in a uniform!
  • Let me help you, I’m a social worker!
  • I can help you crying out with my help!
  • Did your daddy kiss you?
  • Fighting is never the answer!
  • I just wanna know why you’re so unhappy!
  • Wait, bro!
  • Come on, we can get on the bottom with this!
  • Why you wanna hit me?
  • Stop, we can hold hands and talk about it!
  • The police are your friends!
  • I’m licensed by the state!
  • Hold it, I’m also a social worker!
  • Slow down!
  • Stop, you’re just troubled!
  • Didn’t your mommy love you?
  • Come, let’s open a constructive dialogue!
  • I can feel your pain!
  • You have a death wish, punk?
  • Slow down!
  • I can make this look like a suicide, you know?
  • You’re leaving me no choice; I got to kick your ass!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You ain’t losing me, asshole!
  • I’m dragging your ass to jail!
  • I’m right behind ya, buddy!
  • I’m going to terminate this chase at any cost.
  • My wife puts up a better fight!
  • Slow down, damn it! I just ate!
  • I smell the fear of a criminal!
  • I’m on your ass, daisy!
  • Come on, let’s talk about this!
  • This badge does not break for no one!
  • You can’t escape!
  • You see me coming, don’t ya?
  • I’m on the edge, asshole!
  • I’m gonna slap you good!
  • Get your bitch and switch!
  • Drop your pants, honey!
  • Let’s wrestle to submission!
  • Wrestle me, honey!
  • Let’s hope we don’t have to hurt him!
  • Don’t move a muscle!
  • What are you doing?
  • You’re going downtown!
  • My ex-wife drives better than that!
  • What the hell are you doing?
  • You better pay a price for that!
  • Son-of-a-bitch!
  • Hey!
  • Tell me about your childhood.
  • You're going down.

Las Venturas Police


San Fierro Triads

  • Fuckhead!
  • Muttonchops!
  • So Sorry.
  • Hey!
  • Don't get too close to big money.
  • Get away from me.


  • Do we have to torture you?
  • Did your brain just stop working?
  • You got brain freeze or something?
  • Out the way, mutton-head!
  • Off the road, idiot!


  • Damn mutton-fool
  • Your children are going to miss you!
  • We're gonna cut you up!
  • We're gonna slice you up!
  • We're gonna slice your face off!
  • You goin' down, fuckhead.

Criticizing CJ's apparel

  • Have you got the red eye disease?


  • Keep his damn head down!
  • Gimme a clip on this motherfucker!
  • Hope you liked your face!

Da Nang Boys

  • How's it goin'?
  • Watch it! (bumping into someone)
  • I need a hit of your shit.
  • Hello, fine lady! (to female pedestrians)
  • You like my noodle? (to female pedestrians)
  • Hello, sexy honey! (to female pedestrians)
  • Hello, like shopping? (to female pedestrians)
  • Oh yeah, baby! (to female pedestrians)
  • Gimme some more of that! (to female pedestrians)
  • Hey, dude.
  • Oh, shit now I hungry! (after smoking a joint)
  • You always drink good shit.
  • Hey, brother!
  • American girl talk too much.
  • I gonna go Canada.
  • Tastes good, remind me of prison.
  • This your wallet? (bumping into someone)
  • You want me to shoot you? (when stuck in traffic)
  • I studied astrology in prison.

Telling CJ to leave their turf

  • What is this shit, who are you?
  • Someone drop you off here, girlfriend?
  • You wanna be a gangsta?
  • You got to be from L.S.
  • L.S bastards smell like you!

Commenting on CJ's apparel

  • Nice pants, man.
  • Those are ugly shoes!
  • Where you get your super shoes?
  • Why you wear so funny shoes?
  • I shit on your car!
  • My dad had a cool shirt like that.
  • I want a car like that someday!
  • You need new clothes!
  • You look like homeless.


  • No more playing!
  • Who taught you how to fight?
  • I gonna kill you!
  • Oh, I love fighting!
  • You dead now!
  • You wanna fight prison style?
  • You end up in my dinner, chicken!
  • Run while you can!
  • Cover me!

Samoan pedestrian

  • Get out of the way!
  • Move that piece of shit!
  • Komo. (Asshole)
  • Shit! I'll kill you!
  • Ufa. (Fuck you)
  • You better move!
  • Shit! Come on, watch it!
  • Polo (Balls). Kae (Shit). Komo (Asshole).
  • Easy!
  • Stay back asshole!
  • What the...
  • You better not do that again.
  • Man, you crazy?
  • Watch out!
  • A last guy challenged me as a quadrapalegic.
  • Last time I arm wrestle someone, I ripped his arm off.
  • This fresh record from Verona Beach was still hoes!
  • Ain't no cops holding me down.
  • Cops are such pussies.
  • Momos (Shits) with guns. Anyone wants to take me out here, I can fight anybody anytime.
  • Man, where did you get your fit. The thrift store?
  • Man, you're asking for trouble with that outfit.
  • I wouldn't walk around looking like that man.
  • You better look out for the fashion popos.
  • Another working pillow for the hood.
  • Man you need to hit the gym.
  • Man you have to lay off the fast food.
  • Man don't you give a shit about yourself?
  • Shower's over this way komo (asshole).
  • Hey komo (asshole) take a shower.
  • Hey man take a shower, man you stink.
  • Hey don't walk away from me pukio (asshole), I'm talking to you.
  • What, you didn't answer? You didn't hear me?
  • Man you got some style, that's pussy mega style there.
  • Stylin' bro.
  • Looking good bro.
  • Hey homie, looking good.
  • Hey homie, you've been hitting the weights?
  • Hey man, you've been hitting iron?
  • Sweet colombus, that is fresh. Some dope ass clothe.
  • Where did you get that clothe? Is that Renegade you're wearin'?
  • Shit! No! Damn! My bike!
  • You better run now!
  • Polo lou Kama (Your father's balls), I'm gonna kick your ass for this!
  • Man, you're dead.
  • How are you going to pay for my car?!
  • Now you going to have to pay for my car!
  • Kae! (Shit!) Komo! (Asshole!) Ufa! (Fuck you!) You're dead!
  • Look out!
  • Damn! Oh shit!
  • Man, hook me up with a bag. Make it two bags, I'm under a lot of stress.
  • Holy moly, you're dead, komo (asshole!)!
  • You ain't got a chance!
  • You trying to check me on, pukio (asshole?)?
  • Game over, pukio! (asshole!)
  • Man, this is your funeral, pukio! (asshole!)
  • You like hospitals? You must like hospitals!

Purple 31 pedestrian

Countryside redneck

  • Wow son, you're a big boy.
  • Careful piggy!
  • Grandpa got caught in the pig pen, I love a squealer.
  • Why are you driving like that?
  • Ya hit my car! What did you do that for?!
  • Oh yeah! You're real funny kid!
  • Go screw your own pigs! You ain't having her!
  • Get away from my home!
  • Howdy, partner!
  • Hello she-male!
  • Have you ever shot a dog?
  • Inbreeding ain't so bad.
  • Did piggy make it?
  • This guy's insane! This must be judgement day!
  • Dude, can I get out of here?
  • Move it, numbnuts!
  • Move!
  • Move your ass!
  • Come on move!
  • Open your eyes, boy!
  • Mama and papa are close cousins.
  • Those little curly tails freak me out.
  • Some peope say swine is fat.
  • I love that car, is that real?
  • Don't shoot! I don't wanna die!
  • Keep yer dirty hands off me!
  • ARGH, off! Get off me!
  • You can't just carjack me!
  • You ain't robbin' me piggy!
  • Oh yeah?!
  • Have you liked pink pigs?
  • Have you shot a dog?
  • I have a fat hog.
  • What's money? Is that a gun? It's useless.
  • Woah, hey!
  • Watch it!
  • You're mine, piggy!
  • I cannot wait a minute!
  • My mama showed me how to fight!
  • I'm gonna make you real sorry!
  • You're gonna regret the day you came here!

Countryside Hillbilly 2

  • Two black eyes coming right up!
  • All right, put 'em up!
  • You picked the wrong old-timer boy!
  • No problem!
  • Easy now!
  • You had this coming!
  • My fault!
  • Well excuse me!
  • Hey!
  • You got a problem buddy?
  • Don't mind me!

Mexican sex pedestrian

  • I had porn for breakfast.
  • Shit on a shingle!
  • Do you like Japanese school girls?
  • Do you like Bangkok?
  • Take a shower ese.
  • Holy macaroni!
  • Big gun pencil dick sabes!
  • Molest you later!
  • What comes with the aftertaste of poosy?
  • The ladies like to rub the tatas on your tats moreno.
  • You think you have the bolas for me borardo.
  • Goddamn piss swimmer!
  • You smell like my ass man!
  • You drive like a muher!
  • I buy a round for all the boys!
  • Bende hamas!
  • MOVE IT! Le's go!
  • Cabrone!
  • Que paso loco.
  • Pussies are like porridge.
  • You smell like pasulo!
  • Carre I hate this weather.
  • You better not walk away from me, puto!
  • Nice ink!
  • Ah! The boobies are out today!
  • Pendejo (Berk), that was my car!
  • Chale!
  • Paboso!
  • Shit! My finger! AHH!!
  • I need some smoke, I need to get whacked!
  • Have you got some whack-whack!
  • Game over, pendejo! (berk!)
  • Get off me pendejo! (berk!)
  • What you doing man?!
  • HEY! My porno's in there!!
  • You better hope I don't find you!!
  • Hey! Nobody takes away my porn!!
  • Hey! I want my money! That's for the big show!
  • Chale! No way!
  • Forget it man!
  • Hey there, chula!
  • Shit, I was gonna get some pussy!
  • Pussy's great for Ammu-Nation!
  • I love the cock. I love the Zebra bar.
  • Paboso cabbie!
  • Keep going man. I want that cabucha!
  • Carifa!
  • You got big bolas! Keep the change!
  • You like young girls too?!
  • You think you got the huevos (balls) for me?
  • You ready, joto? (faggot?)
  • You want some of me, maricon? (faggot?)
  • Mariposa! (Faggot!)
  • Aqui estoy (I'm here), shit muncher!
  • You gonna die now, pendejo! (punk!)
  • Time's up, amorcita! (faggot!)
  • You're going down, joto! (faggot!)
  • I'm gonna fill you up!

"Mr Trenchcoat"

  • They are watching us!
  • They know.
  • You know they know.
  • Get away from me!
  • He's one of them!
  • You're not gonna probe me again!
  • You green blooded monster!

Kifflom backpacker

Refined pedestrian

  • You smell like shit sir.
  • Who cut the cheese?
  • You smell like Copenhagen.
  • My old tailor is in a box at home.
  • Whoopsie daisy!
  • Might I sniff you again, sir?
  • Excuse me! Your vehicle seems to be in the way!
  • You are creating an incident!
  • You are not moving when you should be!
  • Please forgive me!
  • No broken bones!
  • Quality tailoring makes the man!
  • Trust funds for everyone!
  • This weather is dissapointing.
  • I love to travel! France is so lovely!
  • A tattoo is for heathens.
  • You smell exquisite.
  • You remind me of spring!
  • Tattoos remind me of my service day.
  • What do you think you're doing?!
  • I'm on my way to the symphony!
  • Maniac!
  • Menace!
  • You're sick! You're dangerous!
  • I need something to keep me polite.
  • Your devotion to fitness is admirable.
  • I would like to get stoned.
  • Oh my! Please be more gentle!
  • Take more money for petrol!
  • I'll call the constable!
  • This property isn't yours!
  • You want a donation?
  • You fool!
  • Greetings sir, how do you do sir?
  • Do you enjoy the programme "law"?
  • I find Ammu-Nation supplies me well.
  • You are a gentleman and a scholar.
  • Perhaps in another colour, this supports my purposes.
  • Chauffeur! Taxi!
  • Let's hit the road!
  • With haste, young man!
  • Now hurry, and off the way we go!
  • The stickiest of the icky please.
  • My motorised penny farthing!
  • Oh dear.
  • Poor swine!
  • Your finest narcotics please.
  • That's the way the cookie crumbles!
  • If you excuse me: I must ask for my vehicle back!
  • Yes! Truly unfortunate!
  • Absolutely not!
  • How do you madam?
  • Enjoy yourself sir!
  • Sprunk taste like dirt.
  • Oh my word, no.
  • Public transportation is rubbish!
  • You sir are a menace!
  • I regret stepping into this contrivance!
  • My blind wolfhound drives better than you!
  • Oh my goodness!
  • Did you notice that person?!
  • You've killed the poor person!
  • My solicitor has been informed! I shall alert the authorities!
  • Violence is a last resort.
  • You have forced me into action!
  • Regrettable, but necessary.
  • Reason, obviously won't work here.
  • There's only one way to solve this.
  • I am prepared to fillet you!
  • You have forfeited the rules of fair play.
  • I can scrap!

Dread gangster

  • What's your price one-timer? I'm a high roller!
  • My lawyers are gonna have you on desk work!
  • Step aside baby-nuts!
  • I've got a bad, bad temper!
  • I don't know about the hood!
  • Vatos can't fix that bucket!
  • This fool's got a hearing problem!
  • My bike! That is yo ass!
  • You getting that bike fixed, mort!
  • You bucket-drivin' busta!
  • You gotta see it to believe it!
  • You gonna cuff me? An innocent man?!
  • Shit man! Are ya tryin' to kill me?!
  • You're not a popo, are you?
  • It's on now, busta!
  • I'm surgical with these fists!
  • I'm gonna make you suck my gun!
  • You just declared a war busta! Hope you made a will!
  • That's my car punk!
  • I can't be faded homie!
  • Don't make this a 1A7!
  • Your luck has just run out!
  • Hell yeah, it's the bomb!
  • No way! I don't think so homie!
  • Hey baby!
  • Hey bitch!
  • Alright bitch, keep that ass warm!
  • Ventura 5-0 is stressin' me!
  • Hey! Bring this shit right there!
  • Get this thing rolling man! Step on it!
  • You're making enemies with this thing man!

Black drug dealer

  • I gotta call my lawyer!
  • Got some sticky-icky-icky homie!
  • So this is the best shit man! Government issue!
  • Yo man! Why you stressin' me!
  • Man! Damn! My ProLaps!
  • Man! You should've smoked me CJ!
  • Hey man, it's my block CJ!
  • Man, you half dead CJ!
  • Hey man, you tryin' to check me punk?!
  • Now what's up bitch!
  • CJ I'm gone! I'm gone!
  • Man, fool, I don't know no you!
  • Hey man, see you later dawg. See ya later.
  • Man, I ain't the one homie!
  • I'm supposed to be dead dawg?!
  • I should turn my life around?
  • Sherm! Sherm! Get 'em sherm!
  • I ain't GOTS to do a damn thing!
  • What da hell?!

DJ pedestrian

Caucasian drug dealer

  • Excuse moi, asshole!
  • I'm gonna cut you a new smile!
  • This is shit man, and you know it!
  • I'm gonna mess your ghetto ass up!
  • This stuff is the shit!
  • Come on man! Take the cash man! Let me go!
  • Gotta cut this shit with washing powder.
  • I hope I'm not watching my house.
  • Hey you got the wrong guy!
  • Man you're deluded!
  • Do you know who my dad is? I'm connected, ASSHOLE!
  • Whatever sport!
  • OK, I read you loud and clear.
  • Take it to someone who cares.
  • Go screw a raccoon.
  • This shit's weapon great!
  • Watch this stuff, its rocket fuel man!
  • You want sliced?!
  • You think you're something huh?!
  • Oh you wanna do the "nasty dance" huh!
  • I can't believe this shit!!
  • I want my lawyer!

Ex-convict thug

Old bathroom pedestrian/Hotdog vendor

  • World of Cog has the best toilet paper!
  • Hurry it up! I wanna take a leak!!
  • Not now! I wanna take a dump!
  • MOVE! You're between me and the john!
  • All I want to do today is sit on the john.
  • Your girl's got no nose!
  • You gotta wipe your ass too, youngster!
  • Show some respect dummy!
  • Get off the road, I wanna take a piss!
  • Uuuugh... my heart!
  • Johnson respect, dummy!
  • This street is too small!
  • What?! Yo shit don't stink.
  • Crack my head, crack yo head!
  • You be careful now.
  • What in damnation is going on?!
  • Ain't cha got self control?!
  • I soiled myself because of you!
  • That car will be your coffin!!!
  • I took a good dump this morning!
  • You ain't gettin' away dummy!
  • I can't even masturbate anymore!
  • Hey! I'm an old man!
  • Underwear is overated man!
  • You thieving dummy!
  • You goddamn dummy!
  • Man, I need some tits to squeeze.
  • Is your aftershave made from faeces?! (belches)
  • Your cologne is very sophisticated!
  • The urinals in this joint smell good!
  • Get that piece of garbage outta here!
  • OW! What the...
  • I've been to every public bathroom in the city.
  • Your tattoos are giving me the runs!
  • Man this weather SUCKS!
  • Careful dummy!
  • Cool it meathead!
  • This is bullshit!!
  • SHIT!!!
  • AHHHHH!!! Not my time!
  • I need something extra special!
  • Feet don't fail me now!
  • Look out! I've got a heart condition!
  • Shiiiiit!
  • You can't take a coffin from a old man!!
  • You gotta be faster than that boy!!
  • This is supposed to be a nice city!
  • How's it hangin' bro?
  • My ass still hurts in that Indian food.
  • I love Cluckin' Bell on Tuesdays.
  • Burger Shot has some quality meat.
  • Damn no respect kids!!
  • Let me outta here already!!
  • Have you been to Rusty Brown's?
  • You've reached the end of days!
  • Get ready for an ass whoopin'!
  • I'll eat you and spit you out!
  • I'll show you how it's done!
  • No tomorrow for you!
  • I eat dummies for breakfast!
  • You ain't even gonna have an ass to kick!
  • I'm still young enough to whoop ya!
  • Your time here is up!

Liberty City tourist


  • You think I'm bad at knitting?!
  • Careful asshole!
  • Here I come! Ready or not!
  • Is that coff designer ink?
  • City tattoo artists are gettin' good!
  • I'm coming after you jerkoff!
  • Nobody touches my bike!
  • Oil cans make good flower pots.
  • What're you doing out here?
  • Eat my leather!
  • Hope you like the taste of black leather!
  • Violence isn't the answer man.
  • That was a price for my old lady!
  • Forget it, no way man.
  • Hello, little lady.
  • Howdy partner!
  • Adios amigo!
  • You like the tits on those Ventruas waitresses?
  • Burger Shot was made from roadkill.

"Old Cletus" vagrant

  • What do you mean I can't use the bathroom? I gotta take my personal business somewhere.
  • Hey, you need a bodyguard player. I can protect anyone around here.
  • Something died in my underpants.
  • I once had a dream, but it died in San Andreas.
  • Two words for your gun: "Screw" and "you"!
  • When I find that chihuahua, I'm gonna kill it!
  • Have you ever been to that Glory Hole Theme Park?
  • I was world heavyweight champion in 68.
  • I had crabs the size of a baseball.
  • The liverwurst was green, but I ate it anyway.
  • Now you got the cooties, jackass!
  • You ever suck the fudge of a Rusty Brown's ring doughnut?
  • I shouldn't have eaten that taco...
  • Tag! You're it!
  • I hate this place.
  • Woof! Woof!
  • Excuse moi asshole!
  • Has anyone seen my lizard?
  • I can't masturbate anymore.
  • When will I find true love...
  • Jumping Jehosophat! I'm not ready to die!
  • Are you, go ahead shoot me!
  • OK, OK, don't shoot me.
  • You mugging me? Do I look like your daddy to you?
  • Hello there missy!
  • Good day, sweetheart!
  • Have you sniffed that icky-icky?
  • Burger Shot burgers are tasty, even in the dumpster!
  • My stomach is rumbling.

Los Santos taxi driver

  • Why did I take this route?!
  • Green means "go"!
  • You're on with this car crash bullshit!
  • I got a nephew with LSPD.
  • Gun rhymes with run! You see? That's why I don't stop you little thugs!
  • I'm so sick of these Los Santos gang wars and it's so easy they turned it so bad.
  • Watch the road!
  • I just bought this taxi!!
  • I just collected a lot of sprunk cans for this car!
  • I'm pressing charges!
  • I'm gonna put my shoe up your poop shoot!
  • No liquor thanks, I'm on duty.
  • Sprunk on the rocks.
  • Gotta go! Gotta go! I don't feel too bulletproof! And then they go bangin' again!
  • Oh no! This is where I get off! Boy, this is not the wild west!
  • I feel shame for your mother!
  • HELP!! LSPD!! You demon bastard! My cab!
  • You revived me? Those gangbangers do this?! What the hell is going on here?
  • Get ready for an ass whoopin'!
  • You think this is a parade!
  • You blew your chance for friendship.
  • Bangers and jackers! The future of Los Santos!
  • I don't bang son, relax.
  • Mouth to mouth? Hey, don't look at me.
  • You got a glass jaw, baby gangsta!
  • Papa don't take no jive!
  • Come here, I wanna tell ya somethin'!
  • Gettin' served by an old man!
  • Turn the other cheek, boy!
  • The bones are brittle but the jab is stiff!
  • Knockin' you out and crackin' a Sprunk!

BMX rider

  • I'm gonna crack your brain bucket!
  • Too much rocket fuel bro.
  • What a dick!

Bikini woman

  • Get your fat body off the beach.
  • You smell like shit.
  • I'm special, asshole!
  • Wow, you smell hot!
  • My thong, asshole!
  • Go pick somebody fat instead!
  • Look at that guy!
  • Hey you, you looking good!
  • Nooooo! My hair!!
  • You can't shoot me!! I'm American!!
  • Hey fatty!
  • Hey porky!
  • Hey lardy!
  • I'm fighting the war on fat.
  • Get the hell out of my shadow.
  • Good luck losing the weight.
  • Stop staring at me!!
  • I'm not broken, am I?
  • Stop it you asshole!
  • Go hit a fat person!
  • Screw you dick!
  • I thank God for not making me fat.
  • Stop molesting me!
  • You are disgustingly fat!!

Grove Street Families


  • I'll shoot everybody in this bitch!
  • Hey you better be watching yourself fool!
  • Catch his ass Ballas!
  • There he is! There he is!!
  • His tyres! Shoot his tyres!!
  • Can't anybody ride like us?
  • Hey dude don't bang, he perpetrate!
  • Hey man cover my back!
  • Don't make me get out of this car!
  • Man, I break no rule!
  • Aw shit!
  • Watch it fool!
  • Don't roll to my hood! You know nobody rolls in my hood!
  • Everybody duck down!
  • Hey the season is over now!
  • Hey the game is over now busta!
  • Hey baby! Hey baby!
  • Hey man, don't look at me like that!
  • Hey man, we victorious!
  • What hood you ridin' for playa?
  • Oh you just gonna do it like that huh?
  • Hey get your hands off me!
  • Hey man, back off me fool!
  • I was straight down fool!
  • I'm a catch you fool!
  • Hey car-jack mart! Hit the bitch!
  • Hey, let's frush these busters!
  • Why you gotta do that?
  • Say man, gimme all your moonlight now!
  • Get down man I see you. You can run but you can't hide!
  • Blast 'em Grove Street punks!
  • Man, fuck that bitch warren!
  • Hey it's on now!
  • Hey good looking man!
  • Hey taxi! Slow up fool!
  • Hey taxi! I need some love!
  • Hey man this is a B-ride, you got a ticket?
  • Say man, what hood you're from?
  • You need to take that back on the other side now!
  • We is law abiding citizens!
  • I'm big when I'm sitting on my wallet.
  • Grove Street Families suck ass!
  • Grove Street mamas suck my dick!
  • Grove wear snitch jacket!
  • Suck my dick Grove bitch!

Mexican drug dealer

Orange 12 pedestrian

Quantum Man pedestrian

African-American hippie

  • Fight the power brother!
  • Let's be peaceful brother!
  • They don't want us expanding our minds.
  • Relax! I'm only pulling out my wallet!
  • Brother I have no beef with you.
  • You see a black man trying to drive?
  • I believe I have a right to self-defence.
  • I know who you are pig!
  • I'm gonna beat the Uncle Tom outta you!
  • You gonna do drive by Uncle Tom?
  • Always a sellout pulling a trigger!
  • I'm late for Dr.Ackbar's knowledge.
  • Stop harassing me 5-0!
  • Get a good life snitch!
  • I like message reps!
  • Jack Howardson making pigs look cool!
  • Don't eat to die brother! EAT TO LIVE!
  • Clean the lies from your lives!
  • The revolution needs brothers like you!
  • Capitalism breeds accidents!
  • Capitalism breeds car crashes!
  • Legalise it and we'll advertise it!
  • My people love it.
  • You need to be corrected brother!
  • Please brother! Stop the violence!
  • Unhand me you sellout!
  • Thieving Uncle Tom!
  • Brainwashed bastard!
  • Of course but I won't discuss it openly!
  • Kiss my ass snitch!
  • Traitor!
  • Beware the beast sister!
  • Beware the beast brother!
  • Crack dealers destroy our community!
  • The New World Order has enslaved our people!
  • My fine African garments!
  • Your driving lacks street knowledge!
  • Stay in the driving seat brother!
  • Now we're both victims of capitalism!
  • Those garments are attrocious brother.
  • Look at that strong black brother, now that's an fine African warrior!
  • Brothers in the drivers seats intimidate you?!
  • You're acting kinda strange.
  • Violence breeds more violence fool!
  • You're too old for the man!
  • Rejecting messager, but consisting the message.
  • No more crime please uncle brother!
  • I only deal with revolutionaries.
  • Heard much about the New World Order?
  • Capitalism breeds violent deaths!
  • You know anything about the crack conspiracy?
  • Too strong and too black to die!
  • Look at that! They're hatin' me!
  • The revolution is coming, I'm wearing my best African garments.
  • The ancestors sent me back!
  • San Fierro is waking up to the truth!
  • TAXI!
  • You're not a government agent are you?
  • Jacking cars is what they want you to do!

Bone County redneck

  • How come they don't allow donkeys in this bar?
  • Adam and Eve was brother and sister.
  • I'm telling you, horse is the new pork.
  • I'm telling ya man cousins is legal, this is crazy!
  • Move you dumb retard!
  • So the donkey walks into a bar...
  • Hey! I ain't got all day!
  • You stinking piece of shit! MOVE!
  • Next time I punch your face.
  • You inbred or something, you can't see me?
  • What do you mean change my socks?
  • What a rustbucket!
  • What a piece of shit car!
  • I'm gonna get myself a monster truck!
  • HEY! You look out!
  • Hey! This is my pa's car!
  • You damn Yankee!
  • When d'you learn to drive?!
  • Come on, punch me!
  • He's got a gun!!
  • Who the hell do you think you are?!
  • HEY! Get off!
  • Hey get back here! Where do you think you're going?!
  • You've been messing with the wrong guy!
  • I was gonna introduce you to my sister.
  • Heck no. No.
  • Hey I ain't got all day buddy!
  • Pardon me!
  • Hey come on man! Look out!
  • What do you think of this here chrome shotgun?
  • Ma and pa were past cousins.
  • Donkey's afraid of a big fat man.
  • Whoa man, you sure is fat.
  • Oh you rude bastard.
  • Oh geez! That was my favourite bike!
  • Hey! I just stole this car!
  • You're dead donkin' me buddy!
  • Oh come on asshole!
  • Out of my way!
  • Come on! Gimme your best shot!
  • Come on, I'm gonna break your nose!
  • HELP! I'm being shot at!
  • Beat it tough guy! I ain't afraid of ya!
  • Bastard jacked me!
  • Oh, ma's gonna be so mad!
  • Hey that varmint son'bitch stole my car! Oh how am I going to get home?
  • Oh pa's gonna whup me for this one!
  • This here car's mine! So out you go boy!
  • Watch your step on the way out! Hee hee!
  • Hey I was just bein' friendly!
  • You got something against donkeys?
  • Hey leave me alone!
  • Well hello there miss!
  • Hello donkey lips!
  • Have you ever lived in a trailer park?
  • Sprunk an' scotch is my favourite drink.
  • Cover your eyes donkey!
  • This store is fancy!
  • Oh I want me some of these!
  • Oh, I think I'm gonna puke...
  • Are you insane?!
  • Step on it buddy, I'm in a mood.
  • That was fast. Here's some change.
  • My cousins are gonna get you for this!
  • See ya later donkey hater!
  • I'm the victim in this here situation!
  • Now get the hell out!
  • I was tryin' to be nice!
  • Hey we was just talkin'!
  • These bar stools sure are squishy.
  • Hey let's get a move on!
  • I'm gonna get angry!
  • Pardon me.
  • Hey mister!
  • See ya later pretty lady!
  • Have you ever raised donkeys.
  • Dude, Burger Shot is disgusting.
  • Lordy Lordy!
  • I wonder if they got this in yellow?
  • Would you ring me for this?
  • Hey there!
  • Hey that was cool!
  • Sonny Jim, I'm in a rush!
  • Good job, here's the change.
  • Please mister, let me go!
  • I'll never see my donkey again!
  • You city folk are so rude.
  • Yeah it's the Devil, oh it's disgusting, I can't bear it.
  • I got no time for you man.
  • See you later.
  • Have you ever tried licking a Rusty Brown?
  • Incest is a beautiful thing!
  • I just love the countryside.
  • I think you just killed that person!
  • Howdy!
  • I just can't bear the city.
  • You seen my life! You've seen my donkey too?
  • There is no way I'm payin' for that!
  • Hey it's about time!
  • Somebody help me! Hey, this guy's touchin' me!
  • I'll let you touch me if you let me go!

James Earl Cash impersonator

Mohawk punk

  • He got nothing on me!
  • Hey this is bullshit! Where are the charges?
  • Man, get out of the way!
  • Something's gonna be very wrong with you!
  • Everyone knows me at the casinos!
  • You call that a car?
  • Yo, yo, yo, yo!
  • That tattoo is FIERCE!!
  • Man, I got this detailed!
  • Damn idiot!
  • Nooooooooo!!
  • What are you retarded?!
  • Can we just talk this out!
  • WA-HA-HO!!!
  • I was done dealin' with diapers, I'm gonna kick your ass!
  • Oh what do you think you're doing?!
  • Oh this is not cool man!
  • You got no witnesses?
  • You wanna see a trick pal?
  • What are you, some kind of joker?
  • Hey watch your shoes man!
  • Man I just invented this trick!
  • You wanna bet on that?
  • What's the matter with you?
  • Unlike you I got somewhere to be!
  • Man some people...!
  • Come on man, let's beat the phones!
  • Ho ho, I'm feelin' lucky today!
  • Man, that is a rolling disaster!
  • Nice car pal!
  • Now that car is cool!
  • Oh you're blind as a bat!
  • Oh what did you do?!
  • OOOHH!!!
  • You call that driving?!
  • AAAHHH!!!
  • You better not screw me man, I need some of that stuff.
  • Man, I hope you like knuckle sandwiches!
  • Oh watch where you point that!
  • Oh this is not working out!
  • I won't have any insurance!!!
  • I need this more than you do!
  • Awesome!
  • N.O.!
  • Go fly a kite!
  • Forget you!
  • Have you played craps?
  • Yo, the police are hassling me all the time!
  • I don't believe this!
  • Look at the tag on that!
  • Hey TAXI!!!
  • Have you driven a Hustler?
  • I'm gonna crush your skull man!
  • You ever gamble!
  • Man, I'm banned from three casinos!
  • Man looks better on the windows!
  • Playin' cards are gonna make me a millionairre!

English actress

English actor

Native American Alien (DNMOLC1)

  • We must take care of Mother Earth.
  • You're a genius civilization.
  • Is this mating?
  • I come in peace.
  • You are poised for extinction.
  • I believe this is how you fight.
  • I will lead with my right.
  • I do not wish to engage in violence.
  • You do not understand.
  • Premative, but effective.
  • I will not spill your red fluids.

Construction worker

  • Out of the way, man!
  • Hurry up, I gotta get to the site!
  • Come on, I got work to do!
  • Move it, asshole!
  • Buy American, you piece of shit!
  • I don't got all day here!
  • Move it or lose it, moron!
  • This ain't a parking lot, asshole!
  • I'm gonna be late for my bowling league!
  • What's your problem, pal?
  • Got some sort of disorder, buddy?
  • Tourettes, huh?
  • Watch where you're walking, moron!
  • You want me to shoot you with my nailgun?
  • Yeah, just try that again.
  • Do you want a black eye?
  • Easy!
  • Hey!
  • Watch it!
  • You in a rush?
  • You pushin' me, buddy?
  • What's your problem, buddy?
  • My bowling team's in first place.
  • Foreman takes all the credit.
  • Got this new table saw.
  • Bowling is such an intellectual game.
  • Fell off the scaffolding last week.
  • I wouldn't even wear that on the site!
  • You look like shit!
  • What the hell are you wearing?
  • Who paid you to wear those clothes?
  • Woah, fatty!
  • You're gonna give yourself a heart attack!
  • My god, you sure are fat!
  • You are a fat bastard!
  • Dude! Take a shower!
  • Try some deodorant, buddy!
  • And I thought I smelled bad!
  • My god, you stink!
  • Very flashy!
  • You sure know how to dress!
  • I like those clothes!
  • You must be in construction too, huh!
  • Gee, I wouldn't mess with you!
  • You a trainer or something?
  • Nice cologne, bro!
  • Bet you get a lot of ladies with that cologne!
  • Maybe I should try that cologne!
  • I wish I smelled that good!
  • You been to that new 24/7?
  • You tried using a belt cinder?
  • You ever do it yourself?
  • Have you checked out that new Willard dealership?
  • Have you ever tried bowling?
  • I oughta kick your ass!
  • Bring it on, buddy!
  • Yeah, this's gonna be fun!
  • I'm gonna mess you up!
  • I needed a release all day!
  • Come on, asshole!
  • Let's see what you got, douchebag!
  • Go ahead, make me hurt!