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*Tommy, man, your gonna ''love'' this.
*Tommy, man, your gonna ''love'' this.
*I got those clothes you wanted.
*I got those clothes you wanted.

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Diaz' Gang

  • I am the bosses right hand man.
  • You know those charities he runs? He steal the money back.
  • You ask yourself that same thing.
  • Everyone will know my name.
  • He ask me for everything.
  • I already have some stuff on the side.
  • He's in a real bad mood.
  • Don't stick your nose in.
  • If he dies, I take over.
  • Somebody called him a sweaty dork.
  • Respect now will help you later.
  • I study my own thing now.
  • You gonna get it in the face!
  • Gringo is stupido!
  • Arms, and then your legs!


When Crashed Into

  • Oww! You hit me!
  • I hope you get whiplash!
  • He's trying to kill me!


  • This is the F.B.I.!
  • No trying to be stupid! This is the F.B.I.!
  • F.B.I., Stop immediately!
  • Vehicle hit! Vehicle hit!
  • We got a vehicle down!
  • F.B.I., FREEZE!

Forelli Family

  • It's the Harwood Butcher!
  • You know the rules, Vercetti.
  • Mr. Forelli sends his regards.
  • We'll keep coming after you until you die.
  • You don't stand a chance you psychotic prick.
  • Think you can take me on, Vercetti?
  • Your gonna die, Vercetti.
  • You always were a jerk.
  • Your going bye-bye.

Patrol Investment Group

  • You know how many steroids I take?
  • I'll rip off your head and shit down your neck!
  • We're the security asshole!
  • I gotta lay off the pills, I'm seeing shit.
  • You wanna piece of me, pal?
  • Hey, you wanna beating?
  • Yo meathead, get back here.
  • I'm bigger and tougher than you.
  • You wanna stick in the face, pal?
  • I take steroids mister.
  • Think you can mess with us?
  • I'll break your neck!
  • Yo, your a dead man!
  • I'm gonna stick my foot so far up your ass!
  • This is no joke, shithead.


  • Don't make me run; I'll get all sweaty.
  • You think that's funny, asshole?
  • I am an officer of the law, stop!
  • You're all mine, tough guy.
  • I got him.
  • He's mine.
  • Don't run away from me!
  • I'd chase you but I had too many donuts.
  • Hit me, I wanna retire.
  • I know Jiu-Jitsu sir!

Police Helicopter

  • There he is, over there, take him out!
  • VCPD!
  • This is the VCPD! Stop right now!
  • This is the VCPD! You are under arrest!
  • You are completely surrouded!
  • Don't worry boys, we see the asshole!
  • We've engaged with suspect, backup requested!
  • VCPD, stop right now!


  • I said "Mom, school is for squares".
  • Man, I saw the hottest thing.
  • We gotta get new guns, yo!
  • Vice City is a battlefield.
  • I hate those yuppie scum, man.
  • I'm getting wise to the street shit.
  • Malibu is a hard joint to get into, man.
  • You like living it up now?
  • I told him to sit on a spike, haha!
  • I learnt all about smuggling.
  • Check me out!
  • Competition from too many places.
  • I'm persecuted by society, man.

Tommy Vercetti

Being Arrested

  • You got me. Relax, relax.
  • Go beat up innocent kids.
  • Ok, we're done. Calm down now.
  • Can you call my lawyer? His name's Rosenberg.
  • Enough now.
  • That the best you got?
  • I know, you're only doing your job.
  • I'm not resisting arrest.
  • Call my lawyer, please.
  • I give up.
  • You got me mister. I give up.
  • You win, you win.
  • Take it easy, copper.
  • You're dead when I walk.

Being Car Jacked

  • Who do you think your messing with, pal?
  • Who do you think this is?
  • Think your a tough guy, do 'ya?
  • No Florida moron jacks Tommy Vercetti!

Being Chased By Police

  • Dicks! You're all dicks!
  • If I have to kill you, I will!
  • Go shower with the guys!
  • I did your wife, you poor bastard!
  • What's your wife doing!
  • Hello? Officer?
  • Get away moron!
  • Badge wearing fruit!
  • Go play in the traffic.
  • Up yours!
  • You guys ever catch any criminals?
  • You can't run, officer.
  • Get off of me, prick.
  • Your not a cop, your a robot.
  • Stay away from me.
  • Leave me alone, mister.
  • I thought they were pulling you idiots off the force?
  • No wonder you ended up being a cop.
  • Your as boring as the other guy.
  • I'm innocent!
  • I don't like guys in uniform, pal.
  • You heard of Vercetti yet?

Car Jacking

  • I need this, pal.
  • You got insurance, so don't be a prick.
  • Run away.
  • Excuse me!
  • Thanks, now piss off.
  • Run away and shut your mouth.
  • I'm in a hurry, I need this.
  • Don't be a hero, pal.
  • You take a hike now, mister.
  • Get out.
  • Hey, you.
  • Now run, prick!
  • Now get lost!
  • Now don't try anything stupid.
  • Kiss the pavement!
  • You ain't hurt. Let's keep it that way.
  • Just think of this as socialism in action.
  • You gonna cry now?
  • (acts like he's crying) Look! I'm starting to feel bad about it already!

Crashing Into Another Vehicle

  • You drive like you look: stupid.
  • Dumb Florida morons.
  • You on medication, asshole?!
  • What's wrong with you people?
  • Good thing I don't own this piece of crap.


  • I'm a lunatic, 'ya moron.
  • What are 'ya gonna do now?
  • You having fun yet?
  • You're not gonna enjoy this.
  • You want more?
  • It doesn't have to be like this.
  • Dumb asshole!
  • You really wanna fight me?
  • You should've stayed at home today.
  • Don't come near me again.
  • If this is how you want it.
  • This is your fault, pal.
  • You wanna fight me?
  • You asked for this, pal.
  • Fight me then. FIGHT.
  • C'mon then, loser.
  • Blame my mother, I do.
  • At least you ain't gonna worry about your looks.
  • I don't - back - down.
  • I know how to fight.
  • Okay man, you want this?
  • Your really dumb, aren't you?
  • You better apologize.
  • Think your tough, huh, prick?
  • Your serious about this?
  • You still got a problem with me?
  • You think you can hurt me?
  • Keep punching.
  • I'm your worst nightmare.
  • Your too stupid to hurt, pal.
  • You sorry yet?
  • Don't make me kill you.
  • Go screw yourself!
  • Not so tough now, huh?
  • Stay off the streets in future.
  • C'mon, big boy.
  • You've gotta hit harder than that.
  • You inbred shitbag!
  • Ok let's go.
  • Got anything else to add?
  • I'll murder you!
  • You dumb bastard.
  • I just left prison, you prick.
  • I look like a fruit or something?!
  • I'll kill you, asshole.
  • What, prick?
  • You're messing with the beast, prick!
  • Stupid damn pricks!
  • Leave me alone.
  • Tough guy!

Killing Several People

  • You happy now?
  • You wanna know all about me? You wanna understand me better?!
  • I'll take you ALL down!
  • Losers!
  • Now who's gonna stop me?!
  • 'Ya dumb Florida asshole!
  • You morons don't learn nothing!
  • Enjoy death, asshole.
  • Remember me?! Tommy Vercetti!
  • Who wants to stop me?!
  • I've already been to prison!
  • You asked for this, moron.
  • Something wrong now?!
  • You think I was scared of using this?!
  • Tommy Vercetti! Remember the name!
  • I'll kill you all!
  • Never forget the second amendment, asshole!
  • Don't give Tommy Vercetti a hard time, asshole!

Ordering Food

  • I need something to eat.
  • Gimme some food, pal.
  • Whatever, I'm starving.
  • I'm hungry, man, feed me.
  • I'm hungry here.
  • Hey pal, you serving or hanging out? Food.
  • Food, pal. Please, anything.
  • I'll have the special.

Picking Up Money

  • You've gotta get a better job.
  • It's only money.
  • I still need pocket money, pal.
  • What are you going to do?!
  • These ain't friendly streets.
  • That all you got?
  • You don't need it anyhow.
  • Now I'm robbing you, moron.
  • Who do you think I am?
  • 'Ya piss me off, 'ya gotta pay!
  • You were hardly worth robbing.
  • Fool!
  • I might aswell take this now!
  • You cheap bastard.
  • I'm sorry but I need that.

Picking Up A Prostitute

  • Sweetheart! What's your name?
  • How you doing?
  • You'll do, baby.
  • You from Vice City, baby?
  • Let's... go somewhere more private.

Threatening With A Firearm

  • Do not annoy me.
  • Hey, you.
  • Hey, asshole.
  • Hey, idiot!
  • I do this for a living, pal.
  • Don't make me.
  • Give it up!
  • Don't mess with me.
  • Do we have a problem here?
  • Let's settle this like men: With guns.
  • You want me to share this with you?
  • You wanna piece of this, moron?
  • You want this?
  • You think I'm fooling around?
  • Keep going.
  • You don't wanna know me, pal.
  • I ain't a big mouth no balls kinda guy.
  • Do you think I'm a jerk?!
  • You think prison reforms people, mister?
  • You think you can push me around?
  • Look at me, asshole.
  • Carry on.
  • You think your something special?
  • I ain't taking any crap from you.
  • You know how much worse this can get?
  • You don't have to die.
  • C'mon, stay calm.
  • You seen one of these before?
  • Don't be an idiot.
  • I'm pointing a gun at you, pal.
  • I ain't kidding around.
  • Now don't make this any worse!
  • Make a move, I DARE YOU.

With A Prostitute

  • I've been in prison a long time.
  • Let's do some business.
  • Call me Tommy darling and make yourself comfortable.
  • It's always work, work, work. Never any fun.
  • Ever heard of Tommy Vercetti, sweetheart? You will..
  • Alright, baby. Make yourself at home.

Vercetti Gang

  • Hey, watch the suit, man!
  • What hardware have we got?
  • Hey, Mario.
  • Don't push the Mario man.
  • I never asked your sister out, man!
  • Looking hot today, man!
  • Hey, hey, it's Mr. V!
  • Tommy, man, your gonna love this.
  • I got those clothes you wanted.