Phil Cassidy's Army Surplus

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Phil's Army Surplus is a compound owned by Phil Cassidy in Grand Theft Auto III, located in north Rockford, Staunton Island, Liberty City. The area consists of military-themed warehouses and is divided into two parts by a moving gate. This gate can only be opened when a military vehicle (Barracks or Rhino) is in front of it, however walking around the building to the right lets you access it on foot. A parked Barracks OL and a Rhino are located behind the gate, though the Rhino is only unlocked after completing the mission The Exchange.

In mission Arms Shortage, Claude meets Phil here. When he meets him, Phil gives the player a speech on why he has just one arm. Claude is instructed by Phil to defend the compound against an attack from the Colombian Cartel. After completion of that mission, the player can buy heavy weaponry from Phil.

In 1998, the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, the area was a ferry terminal.


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