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The rewards for completing this mission is [[$]]6,750 and an upgraded [[cell phone]]. The missions [[The Holland Play]] and [[Wrong is Right]] are unlocked.
The rewards for completing this mission is [[Money|$]]6,750 and an upgraded [[cell phone]]. The missions [[The Holland Play]] and [[Wrong is Right]] are unlocked.

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Photo Shoot
Playboy X talking to Niko Bellic about his problems.

Playboy X talking to Niko Bellic about his problems.
For Playboy X
Target Marlon Bridges
Location Xenotime St in Northwood, Algonquin
Reward $6,750
Unlocks Hostile Negotiation, The Holland Play, Wrong is Right, and the Whiz Wireless cell phone
Unlocked by Deconstruction for Beginners

Photo Shoot is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by North Holland Hustler leader Playboy X from his penthouse on Xenotime St in Northwood, Algonquin, Liberty City. It is unlocked by the mission Deconstruction for Beginners.


Playboy suspects that Marlon Bridges had been ratting on Playboy. He wants Niko to go to the basketball courts on Exeter Avenue to kill the snitch. Niko doesn't know how he looks like and Playboy tries to explain his appearance. After a while of explaining and Niko still not understanding it, Playboy gives Niko his own upgraded cell phone to take a picture so he can tell Niko which one to kill. Niko heads to the basketball court, takes the picture (and is requested for a proper one if he doesn't take a good enough one), and sends it to Playboy. Playboy calls back and tells Niko which one to kill. Niko successfully kills Marlon.

If you aim a gun at any of the gang members, the game forces you to kill all of them, and you will fail the mission if one of them gets away because of how it may have been Marlon.


Playboy X: Wassup, money?

Niko Bellic: Not much, how are you?

Playboy X: Chilling... s'all good. Well, mostly good.

Niko Bellic: Mostly?

Playboy X: Yeah, Dwayne's been getting on my nerves... pushing me, man. But whatever... we spoke about that shit already.

Niko Bellic: Give him time. He's just out of prison.

Playboy X: For real... listen, G. Dwayne ain't the only thing I got on my mind...

Niko Bellic: No?

Playboy X: No... Some motherfucker's been calling me a phoney, calling me a snitch, calling me all kinds of bullshit.

Niko Bellic: Big deal...

Playboy X: Yeah big deal. Damn right! Until I discover, that same motherfucker? Well... he's got some real loose lips.

Niko Bellic: Not bad. So, you need this guy silenced?

Playboy X: Yeah. He hangs out with his team near the courts on Exeter between X and W.

Niko Bellic: Okay. What does he look like?

Playboy X: Well, son ain't too diesel or nothing, he a regular lookin' dude, nahmean? Now he don't flash his guap too much, but you can see it in his eye, that he a hustler.

Niko Bellic: Eh?

Playboy X: Homie ain't too brolic, but he ain't scrawny neither. And he be stylin' on 'em a little, ya dig? I mean, he ain't too bummy, but he grimy too.

Niko Bellic: So, he's the average one?

Playboy X: Look. He's brown skinned, B. Motherfucker be rockin' baggy clothes all that - jewels, and he stay fresh with the clean sneakers, nahmean? And sometimes a bandana.

Niko Bellic: Look. I need more than that to go on.

Playboy X: Jesus. Here, take this, head down there, take a photo, send it to me, and I'll point out which one of them motherfuckers it is.

Niko Bellic: Fine.

Playboy X: And that's a little gift for you.


The rewards for completing this mission is $6,750 and an upgraded cell phone. The missions The Holland Play and Wrong is Right are unlocked.


  • Strangely, the phone Niko recieves from Playboy is a different, blockier phone(equal to the standard Whiz wireless phone used by the usual pedestrians and by Roman), but Niko's Phone doesn't change (he still uses the same Badger phone throughout the game, albeit with the Whiz phone's features).


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