Pier 69 (mission)

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Pier 69
Game GTA San Andreas
For Cesar Vialpando
Target Mike Toreno, Ryder and T-Bone Mendez
Location Pier 69, San Fierro.
Reward $1500 and +Respect

Pier 69 is the mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where protagonist Carl Johnson kills two of the game's main antagonists, T-Bone Mendez and Ryder.



Now that you have killed Jizzy B, you have to take out the other two heads of the Loco Syndicate, Mike Toreno and T-Bone Mendez. Curiously enough, T-Bone and Toreno will be attending a meeting with the Ballas in Pier 69 and your former friend now enemy Ryder will ben there, so you can take revenge on him too.

The Mission

When you arrive at Pier 69, Cesar Vialpando will be waiting for you on the roof of a building across the pier. The ambush is simple, take out Mendez guards on the Pier and let Woozie's Mountain Cloud Boys into the compound to attack the Ballas and the San Fierro Rifa when they arrive.

Cesar will hand you a sniper rifle and you'll have to shoot down all of Mendez's guards, then the Mountain Cloud Boys will take their place. Eventually, Mendez and Ryder will arrive with their escorts to the deal, but, in an unexpected turn, Mike Toreno arrives in his black Maverick helicopter and sees the guards' bodies on the roofs, so he flees, guess you won't be killing him today...huh? Toreno's flight alerts mendez and Ryder and a huge gun battle erupts between the Ballas, the San Fierro Rifa and the Mountain Cloud Boys.

Now you come in, go down to the Pier and start popping Ballas and Rifa heads, kill all of them and defend both Cesar and the Mountain Cloud Boys. Eventually, all the Ballas and Rifa men will be dead. When you reach the end of the Pier, you and Cesar will find a severely wounded T-Bone Mendez and in a cutscene, will gun him down for good.

Ryder, however, tries to make a getaway, he jumps off the Pier and starts swiming towards a Speeder boat, you either snipe him dead, or you swim after him, get on a second boat and drive-by kill him. Once Ryder is dead, you have completed the mission, too bad Toreno got away though.


(Building, Cesar Vialpando and Carl Johnson.)

Cesar: Hey holmes, I'm up here, go round the back!

(Carl gets up on the roof around the back of the building.)

Carl: Hey man.

Cesar: Nice job getting the phone mesage. What's up with Jizzy?

Carl: Dead. So, what's the plan?

Cesar: T-Bone's security got here real early. They've got men on the roof watching over the pier.

(Cesar's phone rings, he answers and starts talking to a Mountain Cloud Boy.)

Cesar: Yeah. OK, yeah, yeah, yeah I see you.

(Cesar hangs up.)

Cesar: That was Woozie's boys, they're in place. Look, down by the side entrance.

(Woozie's Boys head up towards the roof.)

Carl: Shit! They're headed towards the roof.

Cesar: SHIT! Mira, we're gonna have to take out T-Bone's men on the rooftop before this gig blows wide open!

(CJ kills all the Guards with the sniper rifle.)

Carl: Man, my busting was tight!

(T-Bone and Ryder arrive with their respective gang.)

Cesar: Look, here comes T-Bone.

Carl: And there's that snake Ryder. Look at that fool, hangin' out with the Ballas like they was life long pals.

(T-Bone meets with Ryder in the Pier.)

Carl: Sometin' ain't right, where's Toreno?

(A chopper approaches the Pier.)

Cesar: Chopper inbound!

Carl: That's gotta be Toreno!

(The chopper prepares to land.)

Carl: Oh shit! He'll see the bodies on the roof!

(Toreno sees the bodies and flees in his helicopter before landing.)

Cesar: Too late, man! He's already tripping out.

(The Rifa throw smoke grnades around the pier.)

Carl: Smoke grenades! So much for a surprise. C'mon, we gotta take these fools out right now!

(Cesar and Carl join the gunfight and help exterminate all the Ballas and Rifa present.)

(Pier 69, Carl, Cesar and Ryder.)

(Carl and Cesar find a severely wounded T-Bone Mendez.)

Cesar: Mendez! I see you, Rifa motherfucker!

(Cesar and Carl gun Mendez down and his body falls off the pier.)

Carl: Hey Ryder! Sherm-head asshole, where you think you going?

(Ryder runs towards the edge of the Pier.)

Ryder: C...Can't stop me...

(Ryder leaps off the pier and starts swimming towards some speedboats.)

Cesar: He's headed for those baots!

Carl: Don't worry about it, I got him.

(CJ kills Ryder.)

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