Pizza Cake!

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Pizza Cake!
Loonies leader Elmo giving "Jumbo" his instructions to "teach" a Pizza Cake restaurant a lesson

Loonies leader Elmo giving "Jumbo" his instructions to "teach" a Pizza Cake restaurant a lesson
Game GTA 2
For Elmo
Target Pizza Cake restaurant
Location Fruitbat, Downtown District, Anywhere City
Reward $20,000

Pizza Cake! is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by Elmo of the Loonies. The mission is available from the bottom of the two green Loony phones in Fruitbat of the Downtown District, Anywhere City.


Elmo is upset that Pizza Cake keeps messing up his favorite food. He wants Claude to destroy one of their restaurants as punishment. Claude does this but the effects are underwhelming so he orders Speed to destroy the delivery van instead.


Elmo: "Jumbo! It's me, Elmo. Pizza Cake restaurants keep screwing up my favorite food. Go to the City University, pick up some explosives and teach them a new recipe."

(Claude drives to the explosives and picks them up)

Elmo: "Okay, Jumbo, deliver the explosives by hand to Pizza Cake. And don't forget to run away..."

(Claude travels to Pizza Cake and plants the explosives outside)

Elmo: "You got FIVE seconds before the dynamite blows. RUN!"

(Five seconds later, the charges explode, but the explosion is very lackluster)

Elmo: "So much for those shitty explosives. Wait! A Pizza Cake Delivery Truck is on its way. Destroy that instead."

(Claude finds the the delivery truck and destroys it)

Elmo: "You follow bad plans well, Jumbo. Have a deep-fried Pizza Cake and $20,000 to celebrate."


The reward for completing the mission is $20,000.


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