Plaster Blaster

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Plaster Blaster
Game: Grand Theft Auto III
Mission boss: Ray Machowski
Start location: Belleville Park
Reward: $10,000

Plaster Blaster is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III and is given to Claude by corrupt police officer Ray Machowski. The mission serves as the death of Leon McAffrey. The mission becomes available after Gone Fishing and features Claude, Ray Machowski and Leon McAffrey. Its name is a play on another mission, Rasta Blasta, which was featured in the first Grand Theft Auto.

The last mission given by Ray sees him becoming enraged at Claude for not being able to kill a "witness", implied to be "that scumbag McAffrey", for the other person you killed for him was not going to squeal on him. Claude is then ordered to ram an ambulance transporting this "witness" until he falls out the back, after which he kills him by running over him or explosions. The mission ends, the wanted level disappears, and Claude is paid $10,000 for his expertise.

File:McAffrey Plaster.jpg
McAffrey and Claude

The mission begins with Claude entering the gents' toilets in Belleville Park on Staunton Island looking for work from Ray Machowski. Machowski launches an attack on Claude, who failed to kill the witness during the mission Silence The Sneak. The name of the witness is not known during Grand Theft Auto III, but would be revealed as Leon McAffrey in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. Machowski tells Claude that the witness is being moved from hospital to the court house to give evidence against him, and tells Claude to kill him.

The player gets control of Claude outside of the toilets, and after entering a vehicle, drives towards Carson General Hospital in Rockford, where the ambulance carrying the witness is located. Once in sight of the ambulance, Claude attracts the attention of the Liberty City Police Department, who begin to chase him/attack his vehicle. Claude continues to ram the ambulance until the witness, now in a full body cast, falls out of the back (making him immune to bullets and flames). After Claude kills him (by running him over), the mission is complete.


Ray Machowski: You useless bastard. You totally messed up! My ass is on the line and you can't even kill a god damned fly. I paid you good money to kill that witness and he ain't dead. And today he's gonna make a Federal Deposition! He's being moved from the Carson General Hospital up in Rockford. If he squeals, I squeal....