Police Buffalo

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Police Buffalo
The Bravado Buffalo police car.
The Bravado Buffalo police car.
Vehicle type Law Enforcement Vehicle
Body style 4 Door Sedan
Manufacturer Bravado (GTA IV)

The Police Buffalo (named ingame as a Police Cruiser) is an LCPD Police Car, only available in the multiplayer of The Ballad of Gay Tony. This vehicle shares the same in-game name as the regular Police Cruiser (made by Vapid) which appears in all of Grand Theft Auto IV, but is a separate vehicle.

The vehicle is a branded Bravado Buffalo, similar to the Dodge Charger Police Package used by the New York Police Department, and its performance is comparable to the unmarked FIB Buffalo in GTA IV.

In multiplayer, the Police Buffalo can be found at a majority of police stations, however, it is not accessible in single player. When spawned via hacks or trainers in single player, player can notice that sometimes, strangely enough, regular civilians may drive the Police Buffaloes on streets.

For performance, the Buffalo is best described as 'above average'. It will out-accelerate any other standard-issue police vehicle in the game, save for of course the Police Stinger, which is obviously either a D.A.R.E. car or some other community-oriented policing strategy. It's top speed, engine and weight all appear to be taken from it's unmarked sister, the FIB Buffalo.

Handling-wise, the Police Buffalo is well-balanced, and sticks to the road a bit better than the apparently aging Vapid platform that it may replace in future episodes. Understeer is very prevalent and the Buffalo's six-cylinder sounding engine requires huge rpm to accomodate for it. At high speed, the buffalo is remarkably stable, and lift-throttle oversteer is nearly non-exsistant.

Crash deformation is average. In frontal impacts, the suspension appears to be tough, but it's engine only takes a few good hits before it begins to smoke.