Police Buffalo

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Police Buffalo
The Bravado Buffalo police car.
The Bravado Buffalo police car.
Appearance(s) The Ballad of Gay Tony
Vehicle type Law Enforcement Vehicle
Body style 4 Door Sedan
Manufacturer Bravado (GTA IV)

The Police Buffalo (named ingame as a Police Cruiser) is an LCPD Police Car, only available in the multiplayer of The Ballad of Gay Tony. This vehicle shares the same in-game name as the regular Police Cruiser (made by Vapid) which appears in all of Grand Theft Auto IV, but is a separate vehicle.



The vehicle is a branded Bravado Buffalo, similar to the Dodge Charger Police Package used by the New York Police Department.


The Buffalo is best described as 'above average'. It will out-accelerate any other standard-issue police vehicle in the game, save for of course the Police Stinger, which is obviously either a D.A.R.E. car or some other community-oriented policing strategy. Its top speed, engine and weight all appear to be taken from its unmarked sister, the FIB Buffalo.

Handling-wise, the Police Buffalo is well-balanced, and sticks to the road a bit better than the apparently aging Vapid platform that it may replace in future episodes. Understeer is very prevalent and the Buffalo's six-cylinder sounding engine requires huge rpm to accomodate for it. At high speed, the buffalo is remarkably stable, and lift-throttle oversteer is nearly non-exsistant.

Crash deformation is average. In frontal impacts, the suspension appears to be tough, but its engine only takes a few good hits before it begins to smoke.


In multiplayer, the Police Buffalo can be found at a majority of police stations, however, it is not accessible in single player.


The police buffalo once again returns, this time as a LSPD car.


  • When spawned via hacks or trainers in single player, player can notice that sometimes, strangely enough, regular civilians may drive the Police Buffaloes on streets.