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Game [[Appearance::Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto Online]]
Type of business Clothing

Ponsonbys is a high-class clothing brand featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, with stores located on Portola Drive, Burton and MorningwoodLos Santos. Its name is a play on "ponce", a term for an effeminate man.

The shops are accessible to the player, and several expensive clothing can be bought from the stores. The brand was first seen in the GTA V Gameplay Trailer.

Locations in Los Santos

Ponsonbys has three locations in the Los Santos metropolitan area;


Although Ponsonbys mainly sells suits and more sophisticated clothing, each of the three main characters have a different selection of items they can choose from.

The following is an incomplete list of all clothing sold in Ponsonbys.


Item Price
Gray and Plaid 3 Piece Suit  $4500
Ash Plaid 3 Piece Suit $4500
Charcoal Plaid 3 Piece Suit $4500
Tan Plaid 3 Piece Suit $4650
Slate 3 Piece Suit $4900
Ash 3 Piece Suit $5000
Stone 3 Piece Suit $4750
Oatmeal 3 Piece Suit $4750
Navy Plaid Piped 3 Piece Suit $5200
Off-White 3 Piece Suit $5200
Red Piped 3 Piece Suit $5500
Gray Piped 3 Piece Suit $5900
Navy 3 Piece Suit $5900
Russet Piped 3 Piece Suit $5900
Green 3 Piece Suit $5900
Beige 3 Piece Suit $5900
Item Price
De Koch Diamond Studs $4590
De Koch Obsidian Studs $4100
De Koch Sapphire Studs $3850
De Koch Opal Studs $1850
De Koch Platinum Studs $5250
De Koch Garnet Studs $2700
De Koch Jasper Studs $3100
De Koch Aquamarine Studs $5050
Vankhov Diamond Studs $2500
Vankhov Emerald Studs Info needed
Vankhov Quartz Studs $3900
Vankhov Obsidian Studs $3550
Vankhov Platinum Studs $4500
Vankhov Agate Studs $2700
Vankhov Jade Studs $3100
Vankhov Onyx Studs $2850
Item Price
Beige Chinos $820
Olive Chinos $820
Black Chinos $850
Off-White Chinos $850
Gray Chinos $920
Navy Chinos $950


Item Price
Gray Suit $4900
Sand Suit $5900
Off-White Suit $4900
Cream Suit $4500
Ash Suit $5500
Item Price
Dark Gray Sweater $1100
Pale Gray Sweater $1200
Taupe Sweater $1220
Pale Blue Sweater $1250
Tangerine Sweater $1300
Quarry Brown Sweater $1360
Item Price
Orange Polo Shirt $350
Mint Polo Shirt $350
Item Price
Brown Suede Jacket $3950