Portrait of a Killer

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Portrait of a Killer
United Liberty Paper talking to Niko Bellic.

United Liberty Paper talking to Niko Bellic.
For United Liberty Paper
Target Adam Dimayev
Location The Triangle
Fail Death Or Arrest
Reward $6,750
Unlocks Dust Off
Unlocked by Wrong is Right

Portrait of a Killer is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV. It is given to protagonist Niko Bellic by an unnamed government agent at the United Liberty Paper office in Algonquin, Liberty City.


In this mission, United Liberty Paper wants Niko to kill Adam Dimayev, the Russian owner of an imports/exports company who is financing terrorist activity. Niko Bellic is sent by United Liberty Paper to finish off Adam Dimayev and his goons. Niko goes over to a compound in Dukes. There he kills Dimayev's goons, and optionally Dimayev himself.


After the initial cutscene, United Liberty Paper will message you a photo of the target. You must acquire a police car to access the computer's search-by-photo option, in order to get Dimayev's location on your radar, in East Island City. Jump onto Adam Dimayev's property and go to the right of the compound. Dimayev himself is in the doorway of the small trailer on the right side of the first tier of the compound. If you fail to kill him in this spot but alert him and his goons to your presence, he will flee toward the roof where you will have the option of killing him or letting him go. Either way, his goons must be eliminated.

An easy way to ensure killing Dimayev before he flees is to snipe at him from the bushes across the street. The entire first tier of guys can be eliminated in this fashion without one of their bullets reaching you. Dwayne's Backup service is also very useful; as Dimayev's men will not attack unless approached or shot at, park across the street, summon the backup, and wait for it to arrive before entering the compound.

If you fail to or opt not to eliminate Dimayev out front, he will flee to the roof of the small building on the second tier of the compound. Gain cover behind a car or dumpster and kill the goons on the first tier (if you haven't already sniped them all). Climb the ladder or walk around the wall on right side to reach the second tier. Another smattering of guards awaits; climbing onto a shipping container to gain the higher ground is a good strategy here. Climbing more containers, you'll reach the roof to decide Dimayev's fate. Kill Dimayev, or spare him if you want to, and Niko will automatically phone United Liberty Paper and tell him that he "served his purpose."


  • Adam Dimayev (optional), the Russian leader of a terrorist organization that is financing terrorist activity.


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