Premium Deluxe Motorsport

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Premium Deluxe Motorsport (abbreviated PDM) is an auto dealership in Los Santos in GTA V. It is located in Pillbox Hill, across from the Mile High Club. Simeon Yetarian owns and operates the dealership as a front to a loan sharking and credit fraud scheme, convincing customers who have subpar credit to purchase high end vehicles at exorbitant interest rates. When Simeon feels that the customer is behind on payments or may do more damage to the car than he can get back in interest, he sends repossession agents to seize the vehicles.

Events of the HD Universe

Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis work at the dealership as repossession agents. After Lamar steals a bike they are supposed to repossess and Franklin drives a SUV into the showroom while being held at gunpoint, the two are fired by Simeon.