Publicity Tour

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Publicity Tour
Jezz Torrent telling Tommy Vercetti that the psycho who had previously tried to kill them is back.

Jezz Torrent telling Tommy Vercetti that the psycho who had previously tried to kill them is back.
Game GTA Vice City
For Love Fist
Target Drive Love Fist to the concert
Location Downtown, Vice City
Fail Detonation of the bomb.
Reward $8,000
Love Fist Limo spawn point
Unlocked by Psycho Killer
Hog Tied

Publicity Tour is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by rock band Love Fist from their studio in Downtown, Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti, having got Mitch Baker to provide security for the upcoming Love Fist concert, returns to the V-Rock station to tell Kent Paul of the news. Jezz Torrent, however, tells Vercetti that the psycho, who had attempted to kill them before, had managed to survive Vercetti's attempts to kill him and was looking to kill them again. The band members ask Vercetti to accompany them on their way to the concert one hundred yards away and they leave and get into their limousine. Percy asks Vercetti to put a tape into the casette player, which is a message from The Psycho, who informs them that the limousine will explode if driven at low speeds.

Vercetti then drives across the city at high speed to prevent the bomb from detonating and the band members manage to diffuse the bomb. Vercetti then drives the band members to the concert and accompanies them on to the stage shortly before their performance.


The reward for completing this mission is $8,000. The Love Fist Limo also starts spawning outside the V-Rock station, except in the original PS2 version.


  • In the original PlayStation 2 version, the Love Fist limo is not unlocked after this mission. In later versions it is.
  • It is always raining when Tommy and Love Fist board the limo, but weather can be changed through cheat codes.
  • The mission is based in the 1994 movie Speed, where police detective Jack Traven tries to deactivate a bomb that will blow up if the bus goes less than 50 mph. Similar missions exist in the games Mafia and the Joe's Adventures DLC for Mafia II, namely "Speed Explosive Truck" and "Bomb Under the Seat", respectively. Both missions also involve driving a vehicle to a destination, while under the threat of a car bomb exploding if the vehicle goes too slow.


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