Pulling Another Favor

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Pulling Another Favor
Game GTA V
For Tonya Wiggins
Location Strawberry, Los Santos
Fail Tonya Wiggins dies
The car is destroyed
Unlocks Pulling Favors Again
Unlocked by Pulling Favors

Pulling Another Favor is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Tonya Wiggins from outside a Liquor store on Forum Dr in Strawberry, Los Santos.


Tonya, who spends her days outside the Liquor store on Forum Dr, calls out to Franklin Clinton as he passes by. He stops and asks if she ever cleans herself up with Tonya briefly getting Franklin confused with Lamar Davis. She claims that everybody knows he has gone all "Vinewood" to which Franklin responds that he is 'guilty as charged' if it means he isn't 'hittin' the pipe like 1992. She explains that JB has not gone back to work and that they are still at risk of losing the house. Franklin agrees to help and they drive to the LSPD Auto Impound. On the way they talk about their past behind a Burger Shot with Tonya claiming that Franklin became a man after that night and Franklin that nothing actually happened. The two get into the Tow Truck and are told by dispatch of a car parked in a diabled spot without a blue badge at the Lucky Plucker in Little Seoul.

Tonya tells them that they are on their way and still filling in for JB. Franklin asks Tonya why she does not do the job to which she responds that she can not drive and that the job is not for a lady. The two then talk about Denise Clinton, both agreeing that she is crazy, before Tonya tells Franklin about her certificate in cosmology. They arrive at the Lucky Plucker and hook the car up. After raising the car off the ground they begin driving back to the impound. The two talk about the similarities between towing and repossessing cars, in particular how both are an honest dollar, which Franklin has not seen as JB is still smoking crack. Tonya tells Franklin she needs to keep JBs hours up as they are about to sell the impound and it was not going to be good for drivers without papers, with JB having sold his for a 'piece two years back'. Franklin tells Tonya that he's been covering for JB for twenty years. They arrive at the impound and drop the car off. Tonya tells Franklin that she will make it to him later as Franklin leaves.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Mission Time Complete the mission in 5:30.
Unhook Bonus Keep the car hooked until delivered to the LSPD Auto Impound.


Tonya Wiggins: Hey, boo, I knew you couldn't stay away.

(Franklin approaches Tonya)

Franklin Clinton: Tonya, do you ever clean you raggedy bitch-ass up?

Tonya Wiggins: Fuck you, Lamar. I mean, Franklin, or whatever. Everybody on the block knows you've gone all Vinewood and shit.

Franklin Clinton: Well shit, if going Vinewood means I ain't hittin' the pipe like 1992, then shit, I'm guilty as charged.

Tonya Wiggins: Punk-ass...

Franklin Clinton: What?

Tonya Wiggins: Bitch-ass...

Franklin Clinton: Excuse me?

Tonya Wiggins: Look, I'm sorry. But where's your love for the hood? JB ain't doin' good, he needs help. We need your help, nigga. We gonna lose everything.

Franklin Clinton: Alright!

Tonya Wiggins: Shit!

Franklin Clinton: What do I gotta do?

Tonya Wiggins: Same as before, boo, a little help with the tow truck. Nothin' for a real man like you.

Franklin Clinton: Alright. You just get yourself together, your ass done went crazy.

(Franklin and Tonya begin heading to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: You never could say no to me, Franklin Clinton. I ain't so cracked out I don't remember that night behind the Burger Shot.

Franklin Clinton: Not this again. What? We was like thirteen.

Tonya Wiggins: But you was a man after that night.

Franklin Clinton: Damn, every time with this shit. And nothing even happened.

Tonya Wiggins: It's all good, baby. I know that wound ain't healed.

(Franklin and Tonya arrive at the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: That's our truck. You know the drill.

(Franklin and Tonya enter the truck, and begin to drive off)

Tonya Wiggins: Dispatch, what you got?

Dispatch: 10-4. We got an SUV in a handicapped spot without a sticker at the Lucky Plucker in Little Seoul. Do you copy?

Tonya Wiggins: You know I don't copy, I'm an original. Yeah, we got you. JB still sick.

Franklin Clinton: Man you sure you need me? 'Cause you look like you know what you doin'.

Tonya Wiggins: One, I can't drive. And two, this ain't no work for a lady.

Franklin Clinton: Oh, you really fightin' the feminist cause there, ain't you Tonya?

Tonya Wiggins: Like your aunt, you mean? I saw her fake-jogging the other day, chanting some whacked-out nonsense. That bitch is crazy.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah. That we can agree on.

Tonya Wiggins: And I got qualifications, honey.

Franklin Clinton: Like hell you do.

Tonya Wiggins: I got a certificate in cosmology. You never seen my nails?

Franklin Clinton: What, you going into space now?

Tonya Wiggins: You always did think you was so clever. Remember Davis High? You didn't learn shit at that school.

Franklin Clinton: You got your math on the corner in Davis.

(Franklin and Tonya drive to the Lucky Plucker and hook up the illegally parked SUV)

Tonya Wiggins: We're on, boo. Let's move it out.

(Franklin and Tonya begin driving back to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Franklin Clinton: This ain't a job for makin' new friends is it?

Tonya Wiggins: I thought you been into some repo work?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, that's true. Same shit but nicer cars.

Tonya Wiggins: It's an honest dollar, and there ain't many of those around.

Franklin Clinton: An honest dollar that I ain't seein' yet. Man, JB needs to get his head straight.

Tonya Wiggins: JB's goin' through a hard time.

Franklin Clinton: A hard time sitting on his ass smoking crack.

Tonya Wiggins: I gotta keep his hours up. Word is they gonna sell the business. A new owner ain't good news for the drivers with no papers. JB sold his social for a piece two years back.

Franklin Clinton: I see the problem, but I just don't see that it's mine.

Tonya Wiggins: You too good to cover a brother now?

Franklin Clinton: I'm here, ain't I? I been covering that brother for twenty years.

(Franklin and Tonya drive back to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: Drop it in the marked area. Same as before, honey.

(Franklin unhooks the car in the marked area)

Tonya Wiggins: I'll make it up to you, Franklin, you know I will. See you round.


  • Franklin talks about 'hittin' the pipe like 1992', which is a reference to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is set in 1992.
  • The subtitles incorrectly show Franklin as saying Are you sure you need me? when he actually says Man you sure you need me?

Video walkthrough

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