Pulling One Last Favor

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Pulling One Last Favor
Franklin Clinton confronting Tonya Wiggins about her relapse.

Franklin Clinton confronting Tonya Wiggins about her relapse.
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Tonya Wiggins
Objective Tow a wrecked car to the Vapid dealership.
Location Forum Dr in Strawberry, Los Santos
Fail Tonya Wiggins dies
The Towtruck is destroyed
The car is destroyed
Unlocked by Still Pulling Favors
Time Limit 5 minutes (gold medal completion only)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be part of)

Pulling One Last Favor is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Franklin Clinton by Tonya Wiggins from the liquor store on Forum Dr in Strawberry, Los Santos.


Franklin Clinton finds Tonya Wiggins at the Liquor store on Forum Dr, where she had frequently hung out while using drugs, and realises that she had fallen back into old habits having told Franklin she and her boyfriend JB Bradshaw had gone clean a few days earlier. Tonya explains that both have relapsed and attempts to convince Franklin to help them with Franklin already knowing she will say that, if he does not help, she and JB will lose everything. Franklin agrees to help and the two drive to the LSPD Auto Impound with the two discussing Tonya's past with Franklin saying she used to be a 'good girl'. The two get into the Towtruck and are told by dispatch of a car on Vespucci Blvd that needs to be moved after an accident with a 'bone box' on the scene. The two drive over this time discussing Franklin's history with JB including how Franklin's grandfather once caught him and JB selling cigarettes and chased them around southern Los Santos.

The two arrive at the scene in Little Seoul and hook up the car, realising the extent of the crash with blood visible on the road. They then begin to drive to the Vapid dealership/repair shop on Adam's Apple Blvd in Pillbox Hill. During the drive Tonya mentions that Deonte, the nephew of Keeara Nelson and first cousin once removed of Sharonda Mills, saw Franklin 'with a rich white boy' and that their friends in Strawberry believe he is working as a rentboy, which Franklin denies. The two drop the car at the Vapid dealership/repair shop and Tonya asks Franklin to drive her to the LSPD Auto Impound lot. Franklin agrees and on the way she proposes having a get together with JB and Tanisha Jackson, which Franklin states will not happen, before Tonya suggests meeting with Lamar Davis instead of Tanisha. Franklin drops Tonya off at the lot and leaves with Tonya saying for him not to be a stranger.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Mission Time Complete the mission in 5 minutes.
Unhook Bonus Keep the car hooked until delivered to the garage.


Tonya Wiggins: There he is, my number one player!

Franklin Clinton: You ain't cleared yourself up yet, Tonya? What the fuck is wrong with you? You said it was all good on the phone the other day.

Tonya Wiggins: Look, I was, and y'know, I did. I-I was clean. That's why you haven't really seen me around for a bit but... JB man, the smokin' is real bad, real... real bad. I had a few days.

Franklin Clinton: But you ain't clean now?

Tonya Wiggins: Exactly, okay?

Franklin Clinton: And now your ass gonna lose every fucking thing unless I help you, right? I heard this shit before.

Tonya Wiggins: JB ain't doin' so good. JB ain't well. JB's your cousin!

Franklin Clinton: He ain't my fuckin' cousin!

Tonya Wiggins: Look your momma smoke, nigga. You know what it's like. Why don't you have a heart?

Franklin Clinton: I don't have much of a heart. But by doing this I don't have much of a brain either.

Tonya Wiggins: I love you, Franklin. I mean, I don't know what you want me to say. JB appreciate all you doing. Just one more job with me, and I promise this going to be the last time.

Franklin Clinton: It better be. Now bring yo ass on, come on.

(Franklin and Tonya get into a car and begin driving to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: so, you wanna hit?

Franklin Clinton: Hell no! What happened to you, TOnya? You used to be a good girl.

Tonya Wiggins: Even good girls need some sugar on their cereal. Days get long on the block, you know how it is.

Franklin Clinton: No I don't know how it is. Why don't you get out the hood? Away from JB. I love that nigga, man, but he bad news.

Tonya Wiggins: What like you? Like Tanisha? Find me some rich lawyer or doctor. That ain't real! Maybe JB ain't goin' places, but you know who he is.

Franklin Clinton: If he went his ass to work, that'd be a start.

(Franklin and Tonya arrive at the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: A'ight, show me how good you got since last time.

(Franklin and Tonya get into the Towtruck)

Dispatch: This is dispatch, come in. We have an accident on Vespucci Boulevard. Over.

Franklin Clinton: We got it.

Dispatch: Copy that, vehicle twenty-nine. Driver's badly injured, bone box on the scene. Car needs moving to the nearest auto shop. 10-7.

Tonya Wiggins: 10-7, 10-4... Tonya don't talk numbers, baby. Unless you talkin' 4-20, then we got a date.

Dispatch: Er, 10-1. You're breaking up. Over and out.

Franklin Clinton: Man ain't this like the fifth time? Ain't there any other fools out there you can guilt trip into workin' for no pay?

Tonya Wiggins: You in the groove noe, Franklin. And you and JB was homies before you had hair on your balls.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, so you keep tellin' me.

Tonya Wiggins: I still remember that time your grandpa caught you and JB slingin' cigarettes. Chased you all over South LS.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah man, shit, that was a good hustle while it lasted.

Tonya Wiggins: You still kickin' it with that shit talker Lamar?

Franklin Clinton: Oh, yeah, shit, I'm stuck with that fool forever.

Tonya Wiggins: We didn't ahve much, but we did it right on Forum Drive.

(Franklin drives to the car on Vespucci Blvd)

Tonya Wiggins: Damn, they got messed up.

(Franklin hooks the car up)

Tonya Wiggins: There it is. Okay, fool on the radio said drop it at the repair shop.

Dispatch: I heard that. Over.

Tonya Wiggins: I think there's one on Adam's Apple Boulevard.

(Franklin begins driving toward the Vapid dealership/repair shop)

Tonya Wiggins: I'd say you about earned a tow job of your own.

Franklin Clinton: Come on, Tonya. I told you, you better than that.

Tonya Wiggins: Don't get all high and mighty. You no different. You ain't afraid to use what you got to get paid.

Franklin Clinton: Man, what are you talkin' about?

Tonya Wiggins: I heard about you, rentboyin' on the side. Sellin' yourself.

Franklin Clinton: What?

Tonya Wiggins: That's what people are sayin'. You know Sharonda's cousin Keeara's nephew, Deonte, skinny kid with the big head, they call him golf club?

Franklin Clinton: No, I don't know Sharonda's cousin's nephew.

Tonya Wiggins: He saw you with a rich white boy. I ain't judgin'. I mean we all got bills to pay.

Franklin Clinton: Man, that's so messed up. I don't even know where to start.

Tonya Wiggins: Clearly you do better without me gettin' you all hot under the collar.

(Franklin drops the car off at the Vapid dealership/repair shop)

Tonya Wiggins: That should do it. Can you give me a ride back to the yard?

Franklin Clinton: Like I don't got nothin' else better to do than drive yo ass around.

(Franklin begins driving back to the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: JB'll make it up to you, soon as he gets back on his feet.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, I heard that one before.

Tonya Wiggins: We'll get some drink, get some smoke, get some good food. Do it right. Me, you, JB, Tanisha if you want.

Franklin Clinton: Now that ain't happening'.

Tonya Wiggins: Okay, you, me, JB and that clown Lamar Davis. Old school. If you ain't too busy rentboyin', that is. (Laughs).

Franklin Clinton: Fuck you.

(Franklin and Tonya arrive back at the LSPD Auto Impound)

Tonya Wiggins: You solid, Franklin. Thanks again, baby, don't be a stranger.


  • The subtitles do not match up to the script when Franklin and Tonya discuss other people believing Franklin is "rentboyin'". The subtitle reads "That is so messed up..." when Franklin actually says "Man, that's so messed up".
  • Tonya pronounces Lamar Davis' surname as Davies.


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