Pursuit Farce

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Pursuit Farce
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wu Lee
Location Downtown Broker
Reward $50
Unlocks Under the Gun
Unlocked by
Yu Jian

Pursuit Farce is the second mission from Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Kenny tells Huang that "a couple of his men are following some policemen who are inspecting a film that Kenny is funding, purely for artistic reasons, of course." He asks Kenny to go over there and find out why his man haven't reported back to him.

Once the cutscene has ended, get in Kenny's car. When you're in the car, you need to tap the radar to configure the GPS. You will be told how the GPS works now. When you've set the route, you need to drive to Kenny's crew. Once you're there, you will meet Ling Shan. When Ling Shan gets into the car, you will get a two-star wanted level. You will then be explained how the wanted level system works. Then, lose the wanted level and drive back to your safehouse. Once there, the mission is finished and you will be awarded $50.