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*[[RC Bandit Race]]
*[[RC Bandit Race]]
*[[RC Car]], GTA 1 equivalent.
*[[RC Car]], GTA 1 equivalent.
*[[Zero RC]]
[[de:RC Bandit]]
[[de:RC Bandit]]

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The RC Bandit (originally known as the RC Car in Grand Theft Auto III) is a small remote controlled car that is available for use in several missions throughout the GTA III era. The name is a play on arse bandit, another sexual joke by Rockstar.

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In all of its appearances, the RC Bandit is primarily used as either a controllable bomb or as a racing toy. The race car-like design of the vehicle has virtually remained unchanged between Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but the Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories rendition of the RC Bandit is redesigned as a miniature pickup truck-based monster truck.

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